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Christmas Evil

*Taken from the back of the VHS*

~As a boy. He saw mommy making love to Santa Claus. As an adult. He is a crazed killer who keeps a list of all the girls who have been "good" and all the girls who have been "bad." A man dressed as St. Nick is stalking the streets. Brutally murdering innocent girls. This Christmas you better believe in Santa... or he'll slay you.~

-----This movie is just a complete waste of time and film. From the lower than sub-par acting to the holes in the plot, I don't think this movie should have been released at all.

For a gore factor it would be a big zero, with hardly anyone dieing at all. When someone does actually die it is off camera, without the classic Hitchcock allure that we all want. Even for a drama this movie is bad. That would be where the bad acting hurts it the most. And the fantasy ending right when it was starting to gain some legitimacy made things worse.

This movie should be avoided at all costs, even if someone tries to pawn it off. Stay away.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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