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Army of Darkness

*Taken from the back of the widescreen DVD*

~Bound in human flesh, inked in blood - and amazingly hard to pronounce - the ancient "Necronomicon" (Book of the Dead) unleashes unspeakable evil upon mankind in director Sam Raimi's outrageously hilarious sword-and-sorcery epic.

Back to do battle with the hideous "Deadites," Bruce Campbell reprises his role from the Evil Dead series as Ash, the handsome, shotgun-toting, chainsaw-armed department store clerk from S-Mart's housewares division. Demonic forces time warp him - and his '73 Oldsmobile - into England's Dark Ages, where he romances a beauty (Embeth Davidtz) and faces legions of undead beasts, including a ghastly army of skeletons. Can Ash save the living from the dead, rescue his girlfriend, and get back to his own time?

Overflowing with spectacular special effects, Army of Darkness will make you scream with fear and laughter. In the words of The Washington Post, it's "drop-dead fun!"~

-----Army of Darkness is a cult hit that has all of the characteristics that make a movie great. It is the 3rd movie in the Evil Dead trilogy. From the opening in the desert to the excellent medievil setting inside the castle walls, the directors had the right idea when grasping the concept of medievil.

Sam Raimi is one of the masters of horror and this movie was his venture into the parity of it. Bruce Campbell was the perfect leading man to cast, he was in the previous 2 evil dead movies and used so many one-liners in the film that he would be copied for years to come (ex: Duke Nuke'em).

Overall, the mix of horror with slap-stick humor, not to mention an awesome sound-track, will lock Army of Darkness in as one of the greatest low-budget cult-classics of all time.

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- Seebdog -

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