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*Taken from the back of the VHS*

~A revolutionary game is waiting to play with you. ARCADE transports players into an incredible world of virtural reality where any adventure is possible and your wildest imagination takes on electric flesh. The kids are dying to play it. But ARCADE is not fun and games. It's powered by a demonic soul whose intention is not only to beat those who play, but to imprison them in a hellish oblivion.

When several friends mysterously disappear, it is Alex who suspects the terrifying truth. With the help of her friend Nick, Alex decides to enter ARCADE in a heroic effort to rescue their friends. As Alex journeys through the games' seven levels, she encounters a lethal chrome dragon, crosses a sea of darkness, and endures enough terror to test her sanity. Filled with stunning computer effects, ARCADE will take you on a thrilling ride into a realm where you can kiss reality goodbye.~

-----ARCADE is a low-budget horror movie that is tough to get your head around. The plot is pretty solid, except for near the end, when it jumps around. The "Virtual Reality Special Effects" look pretty aweful, but for 1993 I guess it what they had to work with.

The only thing that is the saving grace of this film is the sub-par acting. Even though it is typical low-budget horror movie acting, the cast is decent. With Megan Ward(Encino Man), Peter Billingsley(A Christmas Story) and Seth Green(Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Austin Powers Movies), this cast was destined for greatness.

If you come upon this movie cheap, then it is worth purchasing. If you are into outdated computer effects with decent acting then check this film out.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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