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*Taken from the back of the VHS*

~Professor of paleontology, Dr. Jonathan Mugford, and a small crew of students, on their way to an Arizona dig, survives a plane crach caused by a meteor shower, only to make a mean discovery of their own - mammoth spiders!

The same meteorite that grounded their plane has scared up an ancient breed of over-sized insects...and they're hatching a plan of attack. Hungry and desperate to find a live host in which to lay their eggs, the situation is fraught with terrifying possibilities.

The only way to stop the breeding is to go deep into the nest and face the mother of all mutants!~

-----This movie was amazingly well produced and did not have the sound flaws that the previous movie by this company had. Actually the sound track set the mood very nicely and was a nice mix of eerie music.

As for acting; again it is definately very well done, with some of the same actors and actresses returning in this film. That mixed with some new hot females makes an excellent cast.

The bug animation is very well done for a low-budget film and looks like a mix between Godzilla and Puppet Master. The only thing that sort of turned me off was that there was alot of dynamite used to kill the bugs. Not that I have anything against dynamite, but they didn't do the explosions realistically and that in my opinion degredated the believe-ability.

Overall, this movie was very well done and I don't think they could have done this concept any better on the budget they had. If you are able to pick up this film, do so, you will enjoy it.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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