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_Wednesday :

Time: 8:00pm
Date: 2/15/2004
Where: Halleck Ballroom

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Welcome to the Saint Joseph's College Office of Student Activities (OSA). Incorporating numerous student organizations, clubs, programming boards, governing organizations, and Intramural Sports programs, the OSA is your SJC connection to adventure and experience outside of the riggers found in the classroom. Our mission is to not only enhance your tenure here at SJC, but to also provide you, the student, with exceptional opportunities for new and exciting experiences provided by the OSA. To these ends, please feel free to look around. Below you will find the current calendar of events, and above, links to multitudes of programs and organizations. We at the OSA feel confident that there is something for everyone here at SJC. If there is something you feel is missing, please email us at and tell let us know! Even better,
stop by and see us on the second floor of the Halleck Student Center, after all, we are YOUR Office of Student Activities.

-Aaron Newman, Director of Student Activities



Thursday :
Puma Movie

Time: 9:00pm
Date: 2/16/2004
Where: Shen

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