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Megaman X is one of the titles that made the Super Nintendo the system to get. It had an amazing soundtrack along with flawless gameplay. From getting introduced to a new head villian, to being able to modify Megaman (now called X) into a complete badass; this game has it all. Although not my favorite game of all time, Megaman X is definatly up there in my top 20 and is worthy of this list. ~Jeff Hagen


The best secret for this game is that after you get every item available. You go to the mining level and at the end with the huge jump you scale the wall. If you have all the items you will see a capsule of Dr. Light dressed like Ryu from Street Fighter 2! This capsule gives you the Hadoken with you push down to towards in a quarter circle and the fire button. This move will kill the last 2 bosses in Sigma's Castle with one hit! ~Jeff Hagen


Maverick Sub Forest Sigma's Fortress Mines

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