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Jeff Hagen



Hagen's Horror Haven

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About Hagen's Horror Haven

Hagen's Horror Haven was created by me, Jeff Hagen, with input from Kylemeister and the rest of the gang. We consider ourselves horror experts, if you disagree then you can prove us wrong on the forum. ~ Jeff Hagen


We rate our movies on a scale from 0 - 5. 5 being the best and 0 being God-aweful. We also use pictures to depict our mood on the movie...

5 - Perfect Movie, no horror collection should be without it

4 - Must See, not perfect, but excels on many levels.

3 - Still a good movie, but could be better.

2 - Decent movie, has alot of flaws, but is watchable.

1 - Bad movie, but has one quality that redeems it.

0 - God aweful movie, don't even look in the direction of this film otherwise you will turn into stone.

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