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Jason, I miss your company, today we had a thunderstorm. The rain pelted down, causing mist to wrap itself around lone peak. You know what? Poems are hard to write because I can't start what I finish. i'll finish a song for you and you can start a poem for me.... however, here is a go. you bring my thoughts back to meadows or mountains lakes or something better than what the road had seemed to me back then, i found someone to talk to, to wrap myself around and let my thoughts turn back around in happiness and friendship is what I have on a cold and windy night with you. Hearing my love, I want you to know that friendship came first when the sounds of birds ran away and the wind dropped down to a whisper, and your dog, rama came over and said hello. something calm and easy, is what we can be. nothing dramatic or legendary. something different and better than what the movies are: something more simple, more believable. goodnight. e-mailing would be so much cheaper on us, I care about your finanances and i don't want your cell bill to break the bank, I would love to e-mail. Well, I hope you understand that I wrote all this on a whim, so I know its true. poetry is nice like that, not that this is a poem, its just ..... thoughts. throughly nice thoughts adios