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      I have held a few jobs in my day, but not too many. My first Job was as a dishwasher at Denny's . I hated that job and I left after three months. My next Job was at McDonald's which I also didn't like, but suprisingly I stayed at McDonald's for two years with the exception of a three month leave of absence. At the beging of my leave of absence I should have known that I should found a new job because, after my last night I had a nightmare, in which I was just working, nothing out of the ordinary.

      While on my three month leave of absence I worked in Juarez, Mexico with an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). When I was in Mexico Youth Groups from the United States would come down and I along with others on the staff would take the Youth Groups out to build houses or to do some evangelical stuff. It was good times. Once back from that I went back to McDonalds.

      I finally did get another job though, so I left McDonalds. The job that I got was at Hot Topic which I still am working there. I have been there a little over two and a half months. Due to shortages of hours though I did end up getting a second job, this one a Border's in the Cafe. I have worked there for a little over six months. If for some reason you want to check out my places of employment online or to shop there say like right now, there are links below.

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