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       Music is a big part of my life, being that I have played instruments ever since the fourth grade. My favorite type of music would have to include metal-core, hardcore, and emo. My #1 favorite band is Norma Jean, they are a five peice hardcore band from Georgia, and they rock so hard my eyes bleed (not really). My other favorite bands would have to include Me Without You (post-hardcore), Underoath (hardcore), Everytime I Die (metal/noise-core), Dashboard Confessional (emo), Nodes of Ranvier (metal-core), and Two Thirty Eight (emo). I do also enjoy almost any type of music just not to the extreme that I like the fore mentioned genres. If you want to learn more about some of these bands check out their websites.

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Norma Jean Me Without You Underoath
Dashboard Confessional Every Time I Die Two Thirty Eight