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      In my free time I like to play bass guitar and guitar. I started playing bass guitar when I was in the fourth grade, which means I was between 10 and 11 yrs. old. I started playing guitar about three yrs. later. Right now I play in two bands One is Burns the Retina, which is a five peice metal-core band.

the line-up is
John Bates-guitar
Brandon Cambell-Vocals
Dan Greibenow-vocals
Josh Jetson-bass
Richard Raerdon-drums

the other band I am in is Stellar Parallax
we are a two peice emo/post hardcore outfit.

the line-up is
Josh Jetson-Vocals, guitars, bass
Nic Westlake-drums, keyboards, back-up vocals

      Beside guitar and bass I do try my hand at piano and drums, but I'm not very good at either of them . Besides playing and listening to music I like to skateboard, but again I am not very good. I also really like to do printmaking. I do quite a bit of silk screen printing, and Nic and I make all of our tee shirts and patches using a silk screen. I also like doing other forms of printing like woodblock printing, although I have just recently started woodblock printing. return to index page