Tristan Spade

TRISTAN SPADE-WRESTLING EXPERIENCE Two Time State Amateur Wrestling Champion 1996-1997, 1997-1998----- Trained at Bone Breakers July 2001- Novemeber 2001 Trained by Qeenan Creed, Dino Divine, The Bruiser, Mark "The Shark" Shrader, Bobby Eaton and Ricky Morton----- Brain Busters Wrestling Academy August 2003-March 2004 Trained by Qeenan Creed, Angela, Alex Lunar, and Romeo Valentino----- MEWF(Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation) August 2003 Worked as Tristan Spade in River Bend, WV----- MCW (Maximum Championship Wrestling) April 2004-Present Worked as Tristan Spade----- WXW (World Xtreme Wrestling) May 23,2004 Worked as Tristan Spade in a Battle Royal