First Lessons 2


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The sounds of a vale thrush in song broke through the pre-dawn quiet, waking an exhausted Obi-Wan Kenobi. A heavy weight seemed to have him pinned to the bed, and a familiar scent permeated the air, soothing him: his Master's scent. Groaning softly, more asleep than awake, Obi-Wan's mind seemed to be playing tricks on him. Yet another night of phantasms, he thought dejectedly, still caught up in the slumber strands binding him to his dream world.

A warm breath tickled the exposed nape of his neck, and strong fingers began to idly play with Obi-Wan's long Padawan braid. So I'm a phantasm, am I? came the amused mental question just as warm lips settled on a shoulder blade in a lazy caress. The heavy weight encircling Obi-Wan, a powerful arm, began to stroke his taut stomach, and a hard male body pressed lovingly into his back.

Memories of the night before came rushing back to the sleepy young Jedi apprentice. "Master Qui-Gon," Obi-Wan murmured breathlessly. "It wasn't a dream. We... We..."

"We made love, Obi-Wan," came the heated response. Lips sucked strongly on Obi-Wan's collarbone, then blunt teeth nipped at his flesh, leaving behind a love-bite, a mark of possession.

Gasping in delight, Obi-Wan threw his head back against his lover's shoulder and pressed his body into the one behind him. He felt the press of naked flesh against naked flesh and an object of heat and hardness press into the small of his back. Obi-Wan relived the rush of pleasure at finding release in his Master's mouth then tasting his own seed on Qui-Gon's lips. Then ... Gods, then he fell asleep, leaving his Master unsatisfied. Obi-Wan was mortified. "Master ... forgive me. I was inattentive to your needs last night. I..."

"Obi-Wan, last night was for you, beloved, not me. I found great satisfaction at watching your joy, your responses. That was the only relief I required."

"But, Master, surely it was ... uncomfortable."

"A Jedi knows how to control and live with discomfort, Padawan, as well you know. Besides..." Qui-Gon's lips curled into a sensuous smile, "besides it was well worth it. You were beautiful in your completion."

Blushing at the compliment, the younger man writhed against the hard press of flesh, eliciting a deep groan from his elder. Turning in the arms holding him, Obi-Wan looked up into the face of his beloved Master and saw need written there. "Master," he whispered shyly. "Master, I would like to ... I want to touch you. I need to touch you."

Qui-Gon's breath caught in his throat at the look of carnality on his Padawan's face. Closing his eyes and swallowing hard, Qui-Gon forced himself to relax back into the bed, giving his student voiceless permission to begin.

Obi-Wan's eyes turned dark and hot as he gazed down at his master's supine form. There wasn't an ounce of wasted flesh on the powerful man; everything was firm and hard and tight. And the firmest thing of all was Qui-Gon's impressive erection. Mine, he thought possessively, unaware that he had broadcast his thoughts to the elder man.

Yes, Obi-Wan, yours. Just as you are mine, Qui-Gon responded, causing the younger man's eyes to darken even more with barely restrained lust. "Well, Padawan, are you just going to look all day?" he asked aloud, an eyebrow arched in challenge and a sexy gleam in his eye. "We do have negotiations to attend to at some point in the day."

"I shall endeavor not to keep you waiting too much longer, Master. I am merely deciding upon where to begin," came the wicked retort. "There is, after all, so much to choose from and so many, many possibilities." Smiling devilishly, Obi-Wan straddled his master's hips, then crawled up his chest until they were face to face.

Strong, agile hands brushed across the silken hair spread out on the pillows. Talented fingers plunged through the gray-dark mass, massaging and stroking, then trailing down to play with its length. Obi-Wan's soft blue-green eyes connected and locked with his master's clear blue ones. Each man could see into the other's soul. Then, in a quick movement, an earlobe was caught between pearly teeth and nibbled on. A heated tongue stroked the shell of Qui-Gon's ear. Lips traced the carotid artery down the side of his neck, feeling the life pulse beating strongly.

Obi-Wan's lips traveled over a noble brow, delicate eyelids, high cheekbones and a strong nose. He rubbed his cheek against the bristled beard like a cat arching into a stroke. He laved at the movement of Qui-Gon's Adam's apple as his master swallowed back the moans of delight threatening to break free and toyed with the hollow at the base of the strong throat.

Lips met with lips as the Padawan memorized through touch the contour of his lover's mobile mouth. A tongue slipped inside the awaiting cavern, moving over teeth, teasing and twining with its mate. Breath was exchanged as each man breathed for the other.

Qui-Gon tried to reach for his tormentor, but Obi-Wan wouldn't allow it. Mimicking his master's actions from the night before, Qui-Gon's hands were placed at his sides, a silent signal to remain the passive one in this morning's loving.

Down over the collarbone and firm pectoral muscles Obi-Wan's lips feathered, only stopping when he reached peaked masculine nipples. Obi-Wan suckled on his master as a babe after nourishment, lightly biting and teasing. The other nipple was delicately pinched and played with by dexterous fingers.

No longer able to contain himself, a hoarse groan broke free from Qui-Gon, and his chest rumbled as more worked their way loose. Releasing the well-loved nipple, Obi-Wan repeated his actions once more with its mate before moving to a rock hard stomach and brushing it with dozens of butterfly soft kisses.

Continuing down to the juncture where thigh met groin, Obi-Wan lapped at the sensitive skin then blew on it softly, watching in lustful fascination as his master's organ quivered and danced from the sensations.

"Obi-Wan... enough, Padawan, you are destroying me," Qui-Gon cried hoarsely.

Returning to stare hotly in his master's eyes for long seconds, Obi-Wan then placed a quick kiss by Qui-Gon's ear and breathed, "But I want you destroyed, Master. I want to give you as much pleasure as you gave me. I want to prove to you that I was a studious padawan and learned last night's lesson exceptionally well."

Qui-Gon attempted to speak but was cut off when Obi-Wan pushed his tongue deep within the elder's mouth, swallowing any protest that had been forthcoming and ravishing the Jedi Master's mouth into submission, with simply a kiss.

Obi-Wan moved to the foot of the bed and, before Qui-Gon knew what to expect, had engulfed one of his toes in his mouth. The jolt of white-hot lust that shot through Qui-Gon had him rearing off the bed, desperate for satisfaction.

The toe was released, and next the insteps, the ankles, and the calves were all softly ravished. The backs of Qui-Gon's knees were heated by Obi-Wan's mouth and his thighs massaged by kneading hands.

At last, when neither man could stand it any more, Obi-Wan moved over the main object of his desire. Qui-Gon's cock was weeping clear fluid and, tentatively, still unsure of what to expect, Obi-Wan licked its tip, cleaning it thoroughly. The taste was salty, bitter, but it made him thirsty for more.

At the first touch of Obi-Wan's tongue, Qui-Gon's body went ramrod straight, his spine arched almost to the snapping point. Head thrown back, the tendons in his neck vibrated with want. It took every scrap of training he had not to grab on to the younger man's head and thrust upwards, so great was his need. Beloved ... your mouth is like fire ... it feels so good. Please, Obi-Wan... Qui-Gon's head tossed restlessly against the pillows. Never before had he felt so out of control. He was undone by the beautiful young man before him.

A tongue raked the underside of his shaft, licking it as a child would a sweetstick. Obi-Wan's mouth surrounded Qui-Gon's cock, enveloping it in liquid fire. Qui-Gon moaned in rapt pleasure, only to almost sob with frustrated need as the wet heat was taken away once more. His student's teasing was driving him insane.

Patience, Master. Remember, a Jedi is ever patient, came the impudent thought.

Even a Jedi's patience can come to an end. Be wary, young padawan, mine is quickly dwindling, Qui-Gon gasped.

Yes, Master, Obi-Wan replied wickedly, as he suddenly engulfed Qui-Gon's scrotum in his wet mouth, while his elegant hands wrapped themselves around Qui-Gon's shaft and began to stroke the flesh with a light touch.

Obi-Wan. Gods, Padawan, that is bliss. Yes, your tongue underneath... oh, more pressure. Grip me harder... harder... Qui-Gon's mental litany inflamed Obi-Wan's senses even as it gave him a wicked idea. Using their link, he searched for an image in his master's mind of what would please Qui-Gon most.

What he saw made him burn and caused him to move quickly to fulfill his master's longing to both their satisfactions. Grasping firmly onto Qui-Gon's hips and using years of training and a bit of the Force, Obi-Wan relaxed his throat muscles and swallowed his master's cock to its base. He undulated his throat, making it move and dance along Qui-Gon's oversensitive flesh. Strong muscles suckled on the shaft as Obi-Wan's cheeks hollowed out with the vacuum he was creating.

So totally unexpected were Obi-Wan's actions that before he could clamp down on his control, Qui-Gon's back arched off the bed, a whiplash of pleasure arcing through his powerful body. Letting loose an almost primal cry, Qui-Gon flooded his beloved's mouth with the sticky, salty evidence of his pleasure.

The younger man drank hungrily every drop of his lover's seed as he too found release through the flood of sensations bombarding him from his master's mind and his senses. It was the most amazing thing he had ever felt. It enraptured him that he could bring his master, his love this much pleasure, that his master trusted him enough to let go so completely.

Grabbing onto Obi-Wan's hands, Qui-Gon pulled his apprentice up his body and attacked his lips with unrestrained passion, sharing the last tastes of his own essence with his student. Obi-Wan in return poured his soul into that world-shattering kiss.

Finally, at long last, Qui-Gon released the younger man's mouth, only to enfold him in a protective embrace. Brushing his lips over a sweat-dampened brow, Qui-Gon gave into complete satisfaction, whispering love words and praises to his young lover. Obi-Wan ... beloved Padawan, came the mental sigh

"I always knew you were a fast learner, love. Even as a child, you caught on to things so quickly I was hard-pressed to find new lessons for you." He chuckled. "I look forward to the next lesson I have to teach you."

My Master, came the mental reply. Images of love and lust and devotion and eternity flooded Qui-Gon's senses.

"I look forward to learning all you wish to teach me, Master." Obi-Wan's mouth quirked in a wicked grin. "This lesson was a very... appetizing one to learn. I do love your teaching methods, Master."

Grinning at his Padawan's quick wit, Qui-Gon glanced at the light clock on the stand next to the bed.

"As I love you, Obi-Wan," he at last answered. "But now, young padawan, our time is no longer our own. The day awaits and negotiations are soon to restart. We must go."

"Yes, Master," Obi-Wan replied dutifully, before recapturing Qui-Gon's mouth in one last kiss. "And I love you as well. So... let the day begin so that I may soon have my next lesson from my master." Jumping out of bed with the exuberance only youth and those terribly in love could have, Obi-Wan sprinted into the shower room to prepare for the day, leaving his lover to follow at a more leisurely pace.

"And another lesson you shall have, Obi-Wan Kenobi. That I promise you," Qui-Gon whispered as he too arose to begin the day.


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