the five dollar tshirt
This is a diy screenprinting "business" that can do shirts, patches, etc. It is called "the five dollar tshirt" because you will never get charged over $5 per shirt. I provide single color printing. Because I limit the printing to one-color I am able to save money (by not having to purchase two-color / full-color equiptment); hence I am able to give you a really inexpensive price. I screenprint the oldschool diy way where I cut a stencil out from lacquer film. This means hand-cutting each design out with a exacto knife. I'd like to think of my screenprinting as more of a craft, and less of a process. Screenprinting is an art!

* single-color printing.
* print shirts.
* print patches.
* print on anything fabric.
* Two or full color process.
* Intricate designs.
* Half-tones.
* Anything I find offensive.


If you are getting shirts I have a 36 shirt minimum. Look at the prices/size&color page, and add up the prices of tshirts you want (equaling 36 pieces of more... you can totally mix & match sizes and colors). I charge fifteen dollars for the screen, so each design you have tack on fifteen dollars. Also, if you decide you want to use different ink colors for the same design, I tack on five dollars for each time I have to change ink colors. Here is a listing of of the actual shirt colors available. The ink colors i have are: black, white, yellow, red, blue, burgendy, green, silver. Dark ink on light shirts works the best. Shipping is free. If it is a rush job and you need it priority mailed, let me know. There will be an additional charge based on the order size.


I have a 100 patch minimum. Email me for a quote. In your email include the design as a jpg, the dimensions, what kind of fabric, and what color ink. The ink colors i have are: black, white, yellow, red, blue, burgendy, green, silver. Depending on the design (size / complexity) I will generally charge between $25-50 dollars for 100 patches.


Make sure you email me for a final quote before you send your design / money in. Being that I hand-cut the stencil for the screen, I reserve the right to say "hey this is just too difficult to do." The best designs for this screenprinting technique are simple, clean-cut designs; nothing intricate. Make sure you email me your design when asking for a quote! When I give you the ok to send the money, please send well concealed cash, check, or money order made out to Michelle Lukezic. Send to the address below.

Michelle Lukezic
528 Dodson ct.
Bay City, MI 48708

* wafflehouse patches (photo)
* the conqueror worm patches (photo)
* true hardcore shirts (photo)
* alison ranger patches (photo)
* kenshiro patches (photo)
* nishijin patches (photo)
* hope hardcore shirts (photo)
* a still small voice patches (photo)
* bedford drive shirts (photo1 | photo2)
* the winslow patches (photo)
* ajanice thesis patches (photo)
* so to speak shirts / patches (photo)
shirts I have for sale.