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About Hula Doll
I started the company Hula Doll as a result of so many of my friends asking me to make them some of my hair clips with flowers attached to them. A good friend of mine made her own and I really liked the way they added a lot of style to her outfits, and so I began making my own as well. During the summer of 2004 it became a major trend to wear faux flower clips as hair accessories. Trends come and go, but flowers in a woman's hair make such a beautiful sight that I decided I would persue my newfound passion as a business.
Trying to find pretty flowers on clips in department stores was a challenge. Many of the stores I visited either had poor selection or charged too much for the hair clips. I knew my task would be to find wholesale distributors of beautiful flowers with reasonable prices, so that I could offer them at low prices.

The inspiration for the name "Hula Doll" comes from several places. I love vintage style and pop culture, especially the fashion of wearing a flower in my hair. Fascination with all things Hawaiian was very prevalent in the late 50's and early 60's. So the name Hula Doll is a combination of 50's beach bunny and my love of vintage Hawaiian kitsch, especially wiggling dashboard hula dolls.

My flowers and pins can be worn by anyone. They will take on a unique look with your personal style. You can transform into a vintage glamour girl, an island girl, an urban beauty, a punk princess... the list goes on and on. You can dress them up or down. Take control of your fashion destiny and become a Hula Doll!

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