The online home of Bikini Kill Records, the label the band started in honor of their 25th anniversary!

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Tobi's twitter
Kathleen & Kathi play the Friendship Game [video]

Other BK Sites

Bikini Kill Archive Blog
fuckyeahbikinkill tumblr
I Wanna Go to the Carnival
Rebel Grrrls: Bikini Kill
Singing Makes Me Happy
Marcia's Bikini Kill Page
another Bikini Kill page

Various BK Merch

A pin that was "made to sell at the Sassy Wetlands show with Nation of Ulysses around '94."

Ken makes rad buttons of different riot grrrl bands, including BK.

Riot Grrrl-Related Videos & Documentaries

"It Changed My Life" (1993)
A short film by Lucy Thane chronicling Bikini Kill & Huggy Bear's 1993 UK tour.

No Alternative Girls (1994)
Directed by Tamra Davis, this short film features so many cool '90s chicks - watch for Kathleen wearing a red ski mask.

Don't Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl (2005)
A documentary all about riot grrrl, including old concert footage as well as modern-day interviews with Kathleen Hanna and other integral ladies of the revolution.

From the Back of the Room (2011)
A documentary about women who have been involved in DIY punk/hardcore in the last 30 years. (Also, pretty sure the title is from the BK single "Strawberry Julius" - "Watch me now, from the back of the room / Just don't touch me with your bare hands, whatever you do." Yeah!)

The Punk Singer (2013)
A great doc about Kathleen with a lot of BK concert footage. Kathleen + Adam 4ever <3

Zine Stuff

Jigsaw Scrapbook
Tobi's blog of different articles from her zine, Jigsaw.

Paper Coffin - Riot Archive
Features articles from Bikini Kill and Jigsaw zines.

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