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Official Bikini Kill Website
The online home of BK and Bikini Kill Records, the label the band started in honor of their 25th anniversary!

Kathleen's blog
Kathleen's twitter
Tobi's twitter
Kathleen & Kathi play the Friendship Game

Other BK Sites

Bikini Kill Archive Blog
Fuck Yeah Bikini Kill tumblr
I Wanna Go to the Carnival
Rebel Grrrls: Bikini Kill
Singing Makes Me Happy
Unofficial Bikini Kill Page

Various BK Merch

Ken makes rad buttons of different riot grrrl bands, including BK.

A pin that was "made to sell at the Sassy Wetlands show with Nation of Ulysses around '94."

Don't Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl
A documentary that features concert footage of different riot grrrl-era bands (including BK) and interviews with integral ladies of the revolution, including Ms. Kathleen Hanna!

Riot Grrrl-Related

Jigsaw Scrapbook
Tobi's blog of different articles from her zine, Jigsaw.

Paper Coffin - Riot Archive
Features articles from Bikini Kill and Jigsaw zines.


RAINN Abuse Hotline
IMAlive Suicide Prevention

Do people even use banners anymore? Here's an old school banner!

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