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Bikini Kill was a feminist punk band active during the 1990s.

They formed in 1991 in Olympia, Washington.  Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail, and Kathi Wilcox were already collaborating on a feminist zine entitled Bikini Kill.  After recruiting their friend Billy ("Billy Boredom") Karren to play guitar, Bikini Kill also became their band name.

At their shows, Bikini Kill created a female-friendly environment - they would often ask men in the audience to make way for women near the stage and would pass out flyers urging them to do so.

In 1998, Bikini Kill joined forces with legendary guitar goddess Joan Jett. She helped produce their singles "New Radio" and "Rebel Girl", which were both included on their collection of singles, aptly titled The Singles.

In early 1998, Bikini Kill split up quietly and went their separate ways.

During their time as a band, they released two full-length albums (Pussy Whipped and Reject All American) and two compilations (The CD Version of the First Two Records and The Singles).


  • Kathleen Hanna formed a solo project called Julie Ruin after Bikini Kill split up. She then formed the feminist dance-punk band Le Tigre in 1998. In the summer of 2006, she married Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz from the Beastie Boys. She and Kathi Wilcox are currently in a band called the Julie Ruin.
  • Tobi Vail was in Spider and the Webs and the Old Haunts. Check out her blog here.
  • Kathi Wilcox played in the Casual Dots and helped write the theme song to the children's TV show Pancake Mountain. She and Fugazi guitarist Guy Picciotto have a child together. Kathi is currently playing bass in the Julie Ruin.
  • Billy Karren did an album with Corrections in 1999.  Since 1992, Billy, Kathi, and Tobi had a side project with Bratmobile drummer Molly Neuman called the Frumpies, and they toured up to the early 2000s.

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