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July 20, 2004
Dylan - Hey, it's me, back from a month of neglecting this website. We've had many great shows, with a lot of cool bands. Adolyn Sky was great. We played with all of the quincy bands at Rockin For A Cause including my brothers band, Donovan's Mom from chicago. Last night was my birthday party at the Diorusso Cafe, we also welcomed our good friend, Alisha, back to Quincy from boot camp. She bought us all Steak n' Shake last night, we tried to pay for our own, but we knew we would've gotten beat up if we would've tried. Lucas's brother Evan was the only one who took advantage of it, he got two frisco melt sandwiches with a platter, a banocolate milk shake, he also got a large order of fries with it. All the rest of us got normal meals. I'd just like to thank everyone for the success we've had ever since we started this band at the beginning of the year. Just to let you know, the first half of August will probably be the last time you ever get to see Honesty, so, please come to any of our shows. We're also going to record some more, and actually make time to mix it down for better sound quality this time. All money made from those cd's will go to Kevin, the guy who's doing this stuff for us for free. Also %10 to God of course. So yeah, thanks everybody for some awesome times that will never be forgetten. Until next I actually type somethin up here, later!!
June 15, 2004
Dylan - Message to the few who still surf the web and look at this pathetic site. 5 new shows added, one is my birthday party, I'm getting them all set up, just wanted you all to know. I'll right more later, but I'm busy right now, so, until I get on next with all the info for the shows!
June 1, 2004
Dylan - Ok, it's June, and Honesty is still doing things. We have a replacement for Tyler (who will be missed). Brad Linger has come back from college (for those of you who don't know, Brad used to play with us way back in the day). He learned all of our songs in less than four hours and we had a great show at the Heartbreakers Ball. So, if you need us to play any shows, get to us atleast two weeks in advance, and we'll get back to ya. We're gonna be recording with Brad hopefully, and writing some more songs. Hope you are all having a good time now that schools out. More news later.
May 22, 2004
Dylan - Welp, we are dead again. No show tonight because Tyler quit. It was inevitable though. I promise I'll do my best to try and get someone to fill in for him on the Five tracker if we can even get that done. We do have someone filling in for us at the Heartbreakers ball, so, that'll be our last confirmed show. Thanks to all who enjoyed our music. It was a blast. Later!
May 16, 2004
Dylan - We're all still alive. The diorusso show was a disaster for us, but Donavan's Mom was awesome, get the cd when it comes out. This saturday at the green room will be our second or, third to last schedueled show. Still working on getting the cd done. I'm going to talk to the guys and see when they wanna ask Kevin to go in and finish off everything. I know I promised you guys we'd have it done by the May 22nd show but things have been slowed down big time since I decided I didn't want to do this as much since I'm broke. But, no worries. Hope we see you all at the green room next saturday, May 22nd. Later.
May, 3, 2004
Dylan - Ok, it's already May....whew, what a year huh, oh, it's not new years yet, but it feels like it'll be here before ya know it. Anyway, some good news, some bad news. Great show last saturday, it's always an honor and a privelige to play with signed bands like Thousand Foot Krutch and all ways fun times with Best Of Winter.
Ok, now the bad news. I, myself, have made a decision about my part in this band. I took a long look at my life and examined my options and the options of the band. We have a lot of talented people in this band and I love 'em ta death. But, I can't do this much anymore. I don't even make too much time for it as it is, but, it seems that it will end up weighing me down and putting me out on the streets. Confession time, I'm broke, and I keep asking off days that I could have possibly worked for good money, to play for you guys. Not that that is a bad thing, and it's fun, but I need money, and I can't keep doing this to my employer or else I fear I will get fired. So, I'm taking Honesty up as a hobby instead of a job. Maybe in the future you'll see us do greater things, but right now, we still have three members in our band that are in highschool, so, even if we did have the opportunity to get signed, it wouldn't happen. Thanks for all of the fun times, we're not really quitting (well, I havn't talked to everybody about it, Christian just might wanna drop the whole thing) but, I really want to go to college, and Honesty would not be a band anymore when I do that. I'm gonna talk to Tyler though and see if he wants to do some acoustic stuff, but, otherwise, not much Honesty. Sorry everybody. Later.
April 26, 2004
Dylan - Ok, the bio pictures are finally up thanks to Amy, and go look at the 360 show pictures. Also, supposedly on crucial times, they say you can order our cd. What a good idea! So, if you do want to order our cd, sign up in the forum, and go to the general section, and leave us a message tell us how many cd's you would like to have, so I can get a esitimate on how many we need to start out with. But I promise we will have them sometime this May. Thanks everybody! Later!
April 25, 2004
Dylan - Ok, I'm still sick. But, THANK GOD WE WON!!! And thank God Best Of Winter won runners up, I wouldn't have wanted to play with any other band but them for this concert next saturday. I'm gonna print out a load of flyers, it's free, so why not come. The line up next week for the bands, Best Of Winter, FM Static, Honesty, Thousand Foot Krutch. Then bands don't play at 4:00, but that's when the birthday party starts. The first 360 people in the door get a free t-shirt and a free meal. It's gonna be awesome fun, and it's another chance to come see us for free if you missed last night. Good news though, gonna get these two new songs "Unnoted Devotion" and "Blood, Sweat, Tears" recorded and mixed down soon so you can have us to listen to by the middle of May. Thanks to all who came last night and broke the Scream-o-meter after we played. That was another fun night to write in my band history book. Thanks 360, and thanks to Best Of Winter as well. See ya'll next saturday. Oh yeah, new pics up from the Club 10 Battle Of The Bands. Later!!
April 23, 2004
Dylan - Uh oh. I got sick. I do not have a singing voice right now....I'm really trying my best to get it back too. Plenty of water and throat lozengers. Plenty of prayers too. No worries on my part though, God's gonna work it all out. I'm still gonna do my best tomorrow. Hope you all come out to watch the bands at 360. Reminder, we play at 7:00, voice or no voice, we're playing for you no matter what. I'm really not trying to get the crowds pity either. I'm actually really mad that I got sick.... well, anyway, enough babbeling. See ya tomorrow!! Later!!
April 20, 2004
Dylan - Ok, getting close to going back into the studio and finishing the demo, we've just been so busy, and so has Kevin, the guy we record with. He is truly a blessing though, so we work with his scheduel and not with ours. The demo will be entitled "Honesty - Blood, Sweat, Tears" and we will release it in May. $5 at shows, and then I'm probably going to cosign with Sam Goody and sell some there, which they will probably want two bucks out of every sale, plus tax, so, around 9 bucks a cd. So, come to the shows in May. We'll for sure have them by the Endsmet show on the 22nd. Thanks all!!! Later!
April 18, 2004
Dylan - Yeah, didn't make it to the finals at Club 10 last night. BUT. Thanks to all who came, we won the peoples choice award of $81, so, thank you guys. For that money, we got home, and, we're about 40 something dollars closer to getting merch. Well...hope to see you next saturday at 360 for the battle of the bands there, it's gonna be awesome, because if you missed our new song last night, then you won't wanna miss it this saturday. Thanks to everybody who came, we all had a great time, and thanks to Justin at Club 10 for having us, and letting us play in their battle. Later!
April 14, 2004
Dylan - This is quite awesome I think Crucial Times Zine. Christopher Francz (The guys who runs it) would like to have an interview and restart this zine. Pretty awesome. Well, hope to see you saturday at Club 10 Battle Of The Bands. Later!
April 7, 2004
Dylan - Yeah, I really want to have a graduation party on June 5th, so hopefully you guys can help this happen, just check out the shows page. See ya Friday at The Green Room! Later!
April 6, 2004
Dylan- Whew, what a week....hmmm...we get back together again and our shows are already check out the shows page. Well, no show at the Diorusso yet again...I feel bad for cancelling on Jared again, but, Best Of Winter can't play, I don't think at least, but, I gotta work...but, thanks to Corey Warning, yet again, we're going to play at the Green Room this friday with the JV and Best Of Winter. So, keep checking our shows list. We might even be playing at the Metro in the next couple of months, so, see you at the shows!!! Just thanks God that we don't have to beg for shows and that almost everybody likes us. Hey, we try. Later!!
March 30, 2004
Dylan - Why do I always put these up on the site? Because I'm the only one who knows html. Sigh, it's really been a long while since I put one up on here anyway. Well, thanks for all of your support, but, we did not make it into Cornerstone. We've all been taking a break for awhile now, high tension in our lives, but prayer really helps. Looking to have a practice this Friday, writing some new material, picking up where we left off. We're looking to play a show at the Diorusso next saturday too, so, if you know of any good bands that wanna play, please, have them talk to me!! It'll hopefully be Last Chance opening up for us, and right now, all we have in mind is Best Of Winter. Sigh. Cmon, Emo, Screamo, Rock bands, arise from Quincy and aid our need for good rockin times....well, I'm just gonna pray about it. I gotta go now, so, LATER!!! Oh yeah, for the Club 10 battle of the bands, if you need a ride, then come to 360 in Quincy, and talk to our youth pastor about it, we're taking the youth group, so if you wanna come see some awesome bands play that night, then please, do come. 5$ in advance, 7$ at the door. LATER!!!
March 15, 2004
Dylan - Alrighty then....Honesty on I'm putting the rest of the songs on later, including the one that Corey Warning sang on (Paint By Numbers), awesome job. The quality isn't all that good, but we need to go back in and remix it through head phones this time, so it sounds good on anything. Club 10 Battle Of The Bands on April 17th at 6:00PM, us, and Floating Otis battle it out that night. I'm getting 20 tickets to sell, and we are trying to get a youth group or two to go, it's not a christian show, but, we would enjoy the support. We also got our stuff in the mail for Cornerstone on time, so, we pray we get into the new band comp. We are also in negotiations with some people to play at the side stage "Winter In July". So, we hope, we pray, and we thank you for helping us make it all possible. Later!
March 7, 2004
Dylan - Ok, It's been awhile. We were in the recording studio yesterday, layed down two more songs, I have to sing to them next saturday, with harmony from Corey Warning(have to get a hold of him btw). That three tracker's going to Cornerstone, and we promise to get the five (or six) track one done by close to the end of the month. A free show at Jared Wuestenberg's basement on the 13th, um, sorry, but it's sort of invite only. But if you come with a friend that's been invited I guess that's ok. We're not trying to steal people from other peoples shows that night, we just wanna have some fun too. Well, keep checking the shows page to be updated because it's always getting added onto, and changed. Also look for our bios and our demo page to be done by tonight, or tomorrow. Thanks for all who support the Honesty case to better the Quincy scene and to give the world good music to listen to. Later!
February 29, 2004
Dylan - Well, last day of february for another 4 years. Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who made last nights show for us possible. Thanks Best Of Winter for getting us the gig, and thank you Turner Hall for having us. Well, back into the studio. Hopefully we'll have a sales worthy cd in the next 2-3 weeks, so keep checking the forum and the website for news. As for shows, none scheduled as of right now. But we might play at the Dirusso Cafe some friday or saturday within the next couple of weeks, we'll see what we can get done. Right now the focus is on getting the website finished and the demo done, the deadline for Cornerstone is March 15th. We really need to make it into the new band competition. That's all for now. Thanks to everybody who came last night!!! Later!
February 27, 2004
Dylan - Hey everybody, this show tomorrows going to have almost too many bands, as far as I know, there will be eight bands playing that night including ours. Kind of wierd, I think. So all of you come tomorrow night around 6:30-7:00 PM and see a good show. Oh yeah, Christian and I are going back into the studio tomorrow to finish off a song and we'll hopefully get the next two finished off next week for our demo to send to Cornerstone. We weren't going to sell this one because we want to sell a demo with five songs, but if you'd like the one with the three finished songs, get a hold of us at and I'll hook you up with one for about 2 or 3 bucks a piece. Later!
February 25, 2004
Dylan - Hey all who see the Honesty Website. I'm getting a lot done, I havn't worked with HTML for a long time, so keep checking back and forth to see what gets finished. We're working on a new song, and I'm also busy getting the bio page finished with pics and all. We've got a show this saturday Feb. 28 at Turner Hall with Best Of Winter, Nocturnal, Off Brand, and Jubal's Lantern. I have no idea what time it's at, probably around 6/6:30, but I'll keep you all posted and check for our shows page to be done as well. Guess I'll catch you all later!!