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  • Mehndi Natural Henna Body Art Kit
  • Loreal Salon System Henna Tattoo Kit
  • Original Henna Powder Mix
  • Special Zubeda Henna Kit
  • Henna Tube Paste For Body Art
  • L'Oreal White & Black Mehndi Kits
  • Henna Art's Fresh Henna Cone Paste
  • Henna Mehandi Body Art Tattoos
  • Henna Arts Starter Kit

Try our exquisite L'Oreal Mehndi Inks - offering hours of beautiful designs!


Mehndi Natural Henna Body Art Kit - net wt. 5oz

Known as the salon system mehndi hand and body art kit it contains a variety of henna products. All can be combined to produce a henna kit whose stencils are the longest lasting. The stencils are made of rubber and stick to the body. They may be washed and used again and again after henna application. There is eucalyptus oil for mixing with the henna to give a longer lasting result.

Also there is a bag of herbs including coffea arabica and camelia sinensis for darker coloring.  The henna is contained in a small tub. There is enough for about 50 small tattoos. There is a bottle for application. The henna may be applied with the bottle provided or alternatively with a toothpick. It is good value at $14.00. Add to Cart 



L'oreal Salon System Henna Tattoo Kit

Henna Art presents a versatile and comprehensive henna kit from L'oreal Salon System. The kit contains: the finest henna powder, 2 re-usable rubber stencils (round & strip design), eucalyptus oil, pouch of herbs, squeeze bottle and spatula, comprehensive instructions, 2 L'oreal Ottoman necklace adhesive mehndi stencils to be used with henna.

Also includes 2 mascaras from Revlon (Grass stain & Jelly). Complete in a great acetate draw-string gift bag.($14.99) Add to Cart



Original Henna Powder Mix (100g)

When henna in its natural powder form is mixed with water and a small amount of oil, it produces a rich orangey/brown colour. The stain can last upto four weeks - depending on your skin type. We only import the finest quality henna from the Asian sub-continent, which is dated and monitored by us to insure its freshness. Once the henna powder has been mixed with water and oil, it contains its dyeing properties for upto three days. Amongst its cosmetic uses are that it is widely used to beautify the skin, the nails and hair - leaving a rich orangey stain.($8.00) Add to Cart  



Special Mehndi Natural Henna Kit (85g)

Presenting a unique Henna kit. The henna kit includes 50g of natural henna of the finest quality, separate special oil to produce a more lasting and deeper colouring, plastic cone and two rubber stencils for designs. ;

Known as the mehndi natural henna kit it contains a variety of henna products. All can be combined to produce a henna kit whose stencils are the longest lasting. The stencils are made of rubber and stick to the body. They may be washed and used again and again after henna application. There is eucalyptus oil for mixing with the henna to give a longer lasting result. The henna is contained in a a sachet. There is enough for over 100 small tattoos. It is good value at $11.00. Add to Cart  

Henna Kit with 50g of henna powder. 1 Eucalyptus henna bottle. 1 Cone for henna application. A stick for mixing. 2 Stencils including 1 strip and 1 round, made of rubber with adhesive backing.  




Henna Tube Paste (30g)

Henna Art presents a unique plastic tube from "Dulhan" with precision control nozzle. The tube comes inclusive of ready mixed paste for ease of application. Its ease of use means that it is generally favoured by professional artists on ceremonial occasions. It is like the original henna powder mix, but ready made for your convenience - so that you get the most beautiful designs without any fuss or mess. Henna Arts tube application allows maximum precision and control permitting you to create beautiful designs and images. ($10.00) Add to Cart  



L'Oreal Black & White Mehndi kits (set of 2 one black one white)

Henna Art brings an exquisite set of Mehndi inks. Our mehndi inks are simple to use and give the real look! Recreate the beautiful art of mehndi saving hours of mixing! Simply apply ink directly onto skin for instant henna designs!.

Our L'oreal kits come in a set of two one black mehndi ink, one white mehndi ink, each kit contains an adhesive stencil and leaflet with classic designs that can be easily replicated. Have hours of fun, use alone or together and create stunning designs! ($15.00) Add to Cart  



Fresh Henna Cone Paste

Presenting an exclusive freshly made Henna Cone paste ready to use for your convenience. Henna Art's Artists have produced a unique cone paste encompassing natural henna and a combination of oils and other colour enhancing ingredients.

All our added ingredients are absolutely natural, using ancient tried and tested recipes. Henna Art's Fresh Henna Cone Paste is ideal for free-hand designs offering a deep and lasting colouring. Also ideal for use with stencils. ($8.50)  Add to Cart  



Henna Tattoos

Henna Art presents an intricate set of instant henna tattoos by Original Additions. A set of eight mehndi brown tattoos giving the real look of henna art and a set of eight ebony black tattoos for that extra striking effect.

Tattoos are suitable for various parts of the body and are simple to apply, lasting days! Our tattoos come in a set of 16, 8 brown (two large and six strip designs) and 8 in black color (two large and six strip designs). Have instant henna art at your fingertips!($11.00) Add to Cart      



Henna Stencils (set of six)

Henna Art proudly presents ready made plastic henna stencils. The stencils are made of plastic and are easily washable so that you can use them over and over. Presented in contemporary designs, our stencils can be applied to almost any part of the body - making ease of an ancient art form. Simply place the henna stencil on the desired surface, and then apply henna paste, that is either; ready-made cone paste or the original powder mix. After aproximately one hour remove pattern - and admire the exquisite designs! We have a variety of exquisite designs and hope to expand our range. ($12.00) Add to Cart



Henna Art's Mehndi Nail Kit

Henna Art presents an exclusive Mehndi Nail kit! Comprising of a highly concentrated mini henna cone for the nails and a set of 72 mehndi nail tattoos for instant nail designs and a nail coat for preserving! Experience a rich reddish stain on the nails that will last for weeks! Unlike nail polish henna will not chip, rather giving a natural dye that will gradually fade. Our unique cone is made of natural henna with colour enhancing ingredients, especially produced for Henna World! Our nail formula is highly concentrated so that you need only apply a small amount of the henna onto nails. Leave for 30 mins and voila! The nail transfers come in an assortment of 72 intricate designs with nail coat for lasting wear!($16.50) Add to Cart




Henna Expressions's Starter Kit


Henna Expressions presents an exclusive Henna Starter kit. Our starter kit is the perfect introduction to the art of body decoration using henna. Henna Expression's starter kit now includes a salon system mehndi kit offering henna powder, herb sachet, eucalyptus oil, two reusable stencils, application bottle with fine tip, mixing spatula and comprehensive instructions. Also included is the L'Oreal white mehndi ink, henna tube paste and an exclusive body design booklet.($27.00) Add to Cart


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