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Henna Hair Powder 

Henna is by nature an astringent. In order to counteract the slightly drying effect of the henna powder we recommend a prior massage with a natural oil designed for dry hair. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly before applying your henna powder.

Our Henna shampoos all restore your hair's natural brilliance their mild coconut oil base makes them ideal for frequent use.

We Recommend;
Auburn, Mahogonay, Chestnut, Brown, Black and Blonde. Or neutral for blonde and fair hair. Conditioning balsam also enriched with natural henna extracts untangles, nourishes and helps to fix the henna's colouring onto your hair.

You Will Need,
Hairbrush, comb, plastic gloves, Henna powder of your choice, henna conditioning balsam, aluminium foil or a thick towel, large bowl, spoon, hair-dryer (not essential) either a new maintenance shampoo adapted to your desired colour or a traditional neutral or highlights henna shampoo,

For thin, shoulder length hair, 8 heaped teaspoons of powder (1 box) add 3 teaspoons of conditioning balsam
For thick shoulder length hair, 16 teaspoons (2 boxes) of henna powder add 6 teaspoons of conditioning balsam.
For very long thick hair 2 or more boxes may be necessary.

Apply Henna to dry hair, Put on gloves and apply over a sink start application the crown of the head and work in the paste especially at the roots. Once the roots are covered uniformly, work the past in a long the hair length from the root to the tips, as each section of hair is covered bunch it on the crown of the head. After all of the sections are placed on the top of the head work in the paste for about 5 minutes (massage) work the massage up from the base of your head to the top until your hair is evenly covered , cleanse henna from exposed skin areas - forehead, ears, neck etc.

Cover hair with either a towel, aluminium foil or a plastic bag to conserve natural heat (you can quicken the drying process and deepen the colour by using a hairdryer) The recommended drying time is one hour maximum. Unwrap hair and rinse with warm water to remove all the dry powder. Shampoo with the henna shampoo of your choice, rinse thoroughly and apply the henna conditioner, leaving it on for two or three minutes before again rinsing thoroughly. The henna conditioner acts as a fixative with the hair colour and also untangles it for easier combing.
NB black- the colouration of your hair will attain its maximum intensity after two days

Test the colouration on a single lock of hair before proceeding with a complete application. Do not use on the eyelashes, eyebrows, or on a cut scalp. Do not apply henna powder within a minimum period of 4 weeks following any chemical treatment (peroxide, permanent, uncurling etc.)

The use of henna powder does not require any prior decolouration, the object of its application is to personalise and enrich your hair colour with highlights of a greater or lesser intensity depending on the duration of the application. The colours in our table (see here) are simple indications -each individual has a unique hair structure and the final result is personal, always test on a single lock of hair Best results are obtained on hair not subjected to any chemical treatment.



Henna Colouring Cream

Henna colouring cream, enhances and highlights the natural colour of your hair whilst softening and giving extra volume and shine. It also blends away initial grey. It will not lighten or permanently change your natural shade.
Made from plant extracts and perfumed with a lavender essence henna colour comes in a ready to use bottle with applicator top - shake well before use.

Each Box Contains,
90ml bottle of henna colour with applicator,
plastic hair cover,
plastic gloves,
full instructions.

Henna has been renown since antiquity for its cosmetic and dermatological properties It protects the hair against external aggression strengthening it and leaving it supple glossy and with good body. Henne colour cream enriched with henna extracts enriches your natural colour with intense highlights
Oxidant free, ammonia free, bleach free.

Instructions for use;
Shampoo your hair then towel dry.
Put on protective gloves and cover shoulders with a towel.
Shake the bottle vigorously and unscrew the top
begin by applying henne colour cream to the roots. Working along the partings. Work the cream all along the hair to ensure that it is evenly distributed.
Gather your hair together on the top of your head and cover with shower cap
Leave the henne colour on for 10-45 minutes - reduce the application time if your hair has been permed, coloured or de-kinked etc.
Add a little water and shampoo into a lather, rinse thoroughly - you can now style it - no need to shampoo. Follow precautions as in the instructions in each pack.


Henna Colour Enhancing Mask

This capillary mask has a double effect;
It is a treatment which beautifies your hair thanks to a formula of natural active ingredients.

Shea butter, which nourishes damaged hair and strengthens the ends.
Henna extract, which sheaths your hair making it more healthy and protecting it from exterior stress,
Ylang ylang essential oil, which rebuilds dull hair and split ends.

The mask revitalises colour and gives hair a shiny and finely shaded effect, it can be applied to natural, coloured or highlighted hair.

Instructions for use;
This mask is very easy to apply, after shampooing rinse and then apply one or two knobs of the product depending on the length of the hair. Massage into all of the hair and then leave to take effect for 5-15 minutes , rinse thoroughly before brushing.
The colour mask can be used up to once a week.


Henna Shampoo

Henne Colour's maintenance shampoos help maintain your hairs natural beauty, Their mild active ingredients derived from coconut oil render them highly suitable for frequent use in between two colourations.

Instructions for use;
After first a shampoo rinse thoroughly, repeat a second time allowing the shampoo to act 2-3 minutes before rinsing abundantly.



Balsam Conditioner

Balsam conditioner, enriched with natural extracts of henna plays an active role in revitalising your hair, thanks to its untangling and nourishing action. A knob of product for every 100g of powder mixed with your henna paste preparation will contribute to the colour properties of the henna.
Used after the first rinse it helps to remove the last particles of powder trapped in the roots and gives volume shine and smoothness to your hair.

Instructions for use;
Apply to wet hair after shampooing or henna colouring spread evenly throughout the hair leave for several minutes rinse thoroughly, brush hair.


Henna Benefits

Henna has been used to color hair for upwards of 6 millenia! Contrary to what many hairdressers say, those who use henna regularly over extended periods of time have found it beneficial to the hair's growth. shine, elasticity, and body. And the color? sans rival!


From henna, the hair gets a shine and brassiness that you will rarely, if ever, get from chemical hair dye. Henna is entirely natural and has no side effects whatsoever, except for envious stares of those who wish they too had beautiful  hair.



Henna History

Henna is an ancient Art of body decoration, an art practiced as early as the Pharoanic civilisation of Egypt. Evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptian Pharoes used henna during the mummification process as well as for cosmetic purposes. Today we find this natural body art practised throughout the world. In India henna or mehndi as it is known, is used as part of the traditional wedding ceremonies and hence part of the eastern culture. Very fine and intricate henna designs are drawn onto the hands and arms to beautify the bride. Throughout the African continent henna is used for cosmetic purposes. In Europe and America it has become a natural alternative to tattooing, and a method of self expression.



Henna Botany

The henna plant is botanically known as Lawsonia inermis, a plant indigenous to northern Africa and India (illustrated). It has since been grown and cultivated in much of the world's continents, Americas, Australia, as well as Africa and Asia. The Henna plant is also known as "Al-Hina", Egyptian Priest and mignonette. It grows to a height of 6 metres and blossoms fragrant red and white flowers. It is primarily used to produce orange, red and brown dyes, which are obtained from its crushed leaves.




How long will Henna last on the skin?

Depending on the skin colour/type, henna can last upto four weeks. The colouring gradually fades. The skin naturally exfoliates and the skin layer will renew itself. Certain parts of the body take longer to exfoliate such as the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.




Is it painful?

Henna is a painless and natural alternative to tattooing sometimes referred to as Henna tattoo. Henna is a natural herb when combined with water, and applied on to skin will leave a rich orangey/brown stain. Unlike tattooing henna does not puncture or pierce the skin. In fact it is completely natural, it is simply absorbed by the skin.




How to improve Henna colouring

The original henna powder can be mixed with other natural substances which can enhance henna's natural colouring. Substances that have been used are; lemon juice, tea leaves/bags, natural oils such as eucalyptus oil, and certain spices. Re-application of henna will also produce a more richer and lasting stain. Henna should be soaked for at least two hours prior to application for best results. Henna should be left on for as long as possible to bring out its rich colour, as a minimum, at least one hour.




Basic Henna Application tips

Before Henna application ensure surface is clean and dry, free of oils, lotions.
Henna will stain, therefore care should be taken that clothing etc are covered/out of the way.
After application, surface maybe wrapped in cotton rag if need be.
Protect surface from harsh detergents, soaps, chlorine etc.




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