t h e  b a d  s o n  (1998)
photography starring macaulay culkin and ex-wife rachel miner.

s o n g s  w i t h  b e n  l e e  (1999) 
on ben lee's 1999 album 'breathing tornados' 
harmony co-wrote the song 'tornados' and
speaks a monologue in the single 'nothing much happens.'

(*if you click on each song you can catch a sample wave!)

s s a b  songs  (2000) 

the aesthetic being always torn along the frayed
edges of experimentation,it comes as even less of
a surprise that it would sound like his first
album, performed by harmony and his friend, brian
degraw, under the name SSAB songs. the duo's
eponymous debut is a 27 minute album featuring one lone
track strung together by multi-track minds. A
scratchy string sample starts things off with a
classicized whisper, but it's not long before the
duo breaks out pots and pans to bang in some
shopworn kinks. From there, the record is a
deliberately muddy mess of banjos, ghostily
strained vocals, found percussion, electronic
whirs and subterranean recording techniques.
SSAB songs place distant folk music's inherent
weirdness on a pedestal while also using it as a
springboard to go further out. Reverent takes on
banjo- driven folk melt in and out of static,
picking on innocuous themes and veiling garbled
lyrical snippets sounding something like "little
jimmy's mother rotten / mr. ninja whore." harmony
and degraw file through sounds in a frenzy
seemingly guided by both semiotics and narcotics.
H a r m o f w i l l ~working with B J o R k (2001) Lyrics written by Harmony Korine
Harmony Korine-penned lyrics against lush strings
and glockenspiel begin to wind down 'Vespertine',
with a particularly hymnal choir echoing our
favourite loved-up Icelandic floozy. Key
Lyric: "Leave it be/For he controls what there'll be"
Bjork reference points: 'You've Been Flirting Again'
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