k i d s (october 1995) by larry clark & harmony korine paperback - runs about $20.00 a breif synopsis:
it's the great american teenage movie that we've come
to know on vhs and dvd gone book style. includes
photos from the film and notes from the editor, harmony korine.
a c r a c k u p a t t h e r a c e r i o t s (april 1998) by harmony korine paperback - runs about $15.00 a brief synopsis:
harmony's first real novel in pieces. society is
overcome by race and when mc hammer and vanilla
ice are in charge it leaves nothing but bits of
jokes, lines, story cases, lists, and ideas to
help the reader create their own story.
*personal note: all korine fans must read this book, it's a riot.
p a s s t h e b i t c h c h i c k e n (may 2002) by harmony korine & christopher wool smaller print- $30.00 / larger print - $60.00 a brief synopsis:
this series of experimental images tests the
limits of the pictorial and the abstract, pushing
the boundaries of visual and textual narrative to
extremes. harmony's photographic form is the basis of
an intense process of layering, drawing,
overprinting, and photocopying.
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