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Jessica's Love Story

Hi! my name is Jessica P. and I'm from Connecticut. (i'm trusting all you people out there with my names, just so ya know!
W :P) ok...once when i was visiting my relatives in CT ( i lived in Easton , Maine at the time..way up in the boonies up by canada..
actually it was like 3 miles to the border of canada!), i went to my aunt's house, and that's wehre one of my best frens kelly
lives. this was in like the biginning of 97.while i was at kelly's house, hanson was on the radio..i was like...who's that? are they girls
or guys! she was like "that's hanson! they're guys! ) (i think i offended her then..oops!...but i seriously did NOT know...i had never
heard of!) when i moved to connecticut in 98, i only had like 2 friends here, and they were my cousins. one of them, kelly K.
(i'm not gonna say her whole name, but anyways..) liked hanson. i didn't even know who they were then (in 97 or 98..i dunno which) !!!! then
in january 3, 98, we moved to connecticut for job opportunnities...(ahh! i can't spell today!!!) and kelly was my only friend. (well, my other
cousin, renee, lived in southbury, and that was like an hour away , so i didn' tsee her she got my into hanson..YaaaaY!
lolololololololoooooolll!..ok..i got off track for a minute there..where wasi..oh me and her became really close. then i moved
from my condo in waterbury to a house in terryville. there were a lot of kids my age on my street (which was good) but none of them liked hanson
(bad...). argh! then my mom got the internet for us (a while after) that was like the best thing ever! lol...and i met this girl (actually it's ashley,
the person who owns this site!! lol...hi ash! :P) on a hanson message board and she told me to email her...i was like "ok.." but i emailed her
(hehe...) and we became really good frens...then she introduced me to her sister, mickey (monica, but i call her mickey) and then we were good frens....
then they iinvited me to be in there band, even though i lived allllll the way across the country!! that was sooooo incredibley nice of them that i
almost screamed! (lol...........................hehe...........................don't ask......) :D so now they are two of my
bestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestest friends in the whole wide world, in a band called Elysian (oh yah..if you hear about a band called
elysian on tv or anything sometime in the future ...hopefully!..then it's us, and you'll know that our lil band made it into our big dreams and hopes that
we have always wanted...:P). anyways, that is how Hanson, the three talented, real, musical brothers have changed my life forever. they helped me get closer
to my friend, and to make many new friends, and i am very thankful for that. and hanson, if you're reading this, then "HI!!!" NO i am NOT obsessed,
i just thought i would help out Ash a lil by putting stuff on her site for her to add..hehe...ok? well, hopefully i got into every hanson-despising person's
head and showed them that hanson is not just a picture on a page or a voice on the radio, they are real people with real lives that have inspired real peoples lives.
thank you, thank you, thank you...(in the background you hear "bravo! " "encore" , clapping, and you see a standing my dreams...hehe...j/k) well,
i leave you with that....peace and popcorn, Jess of Elysian...
(In case everybody was wondering this is my BEST FRIEND and last but not least my wonderful band member! Jess,love ya girly!thanks so much for this story!)
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