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Welcome To Hanson W.A.R.S.!

About Hanson W.A.R.S.

wow..can I answer that?
Hanson W.A.R.S. building began on January 5,2000. I finally "had the guts" to learn html and pursue my "website dreams"...It's been a long HARD HTML road, but I've enjoyed every frustrating moment! What does Hanson W.A.R.S. stand for? okay, I'll tell you how I came up with it..I was a mess trying to find a name that no one had. This place was almost called "Hanson Shack"...tell me how many of those already exist! So I started thinking of names and know that had a meaning behind them (like A.D.I.D.A.H.) I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so what could be better than Hanson W.A.R.S.?!!! you wanna know what it means?...


"May the force be with you..."