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Good News
Saturday, 25 February 2012
Aloha From Maui 2012
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Starring Buster the Wonder Dog!
Topic: Aloha From Maui!

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 11:29 PM EST
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Street Light Epiphanies (Personal Poetry)
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: By Timothy Jon Terry
Topic: Personal Poetry

Street Light Epiphanies (Personal Poetry)


I remember the late night drives to the studio,

passing darkened stores all closed

past the homeless and their bottle, warming on the streets

hostess bars, lots jammed with cars in long rows,

the hookers leaning against the outside walls

waiting for their patrons to show,


though I never went in that direction

I often wondered about it...but will never know,

though I cast no stones as to their vocation,

in their darkness there is a lacking of the light,

and the need fulfilled is shallow...unreal,

whatever the want is for the creatures of the night,


there I would be passing seeing the lonely patrons

leaning talking, seeking to meet their need

a false feeling, a false kindness, a pretended love

that feeds their need to be,

I am a man such as they are,

and have that same need I would think,


I chose not their path but tried to understand,

for it is a love that's truly not real nor free,

for as a picture of itself is not of substance,

though it's subject is one of beauty that we see,

the picture is but only a represention, a glimpse,

a mere molecule of who it purports to be,


though it is a shot in the dark,

Vegas would give no odds,

that one might find there , some reality,

a possible right for the wrongs,

the sell is so strong,

it blinds the eyes to see,


I know some would go

just for companions,

and in their mind's eye,

look away from the dollars paid,

she is a willing ear, and a tender touch, a kind word,

all of that, a relief from the stresses of the day,


yet there I would drive

by the lampost lit side streets

it foddering the reason for my paints

knowing more.....yes, seeing

the understanding of my own loneliness,

bit still waiting on love that is real and free........


© Timothy Jon Terry

February 25th, 2009

12:42 am

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 2:37 AM EST
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Mail Bag Days
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: When life is just buzzing along....
Topic: Just Life!

Somedays take off like you are a railway are hooked into it and you hang on for the ride! T.J.Terry

This morning I slept later than usual, thus missing my morning walk with Buster...I was a bit hurried and made into work at opening (Usually I'm Early) 

I had this vision of the old Railway Mail Bags, and how they were set un a turnstile and hooked by the train as it went by. It was an old system of post that has been replaced with many other numerous ways of delivery..Not sure if it is still done in rural areas...

Yet today I felt like that bag, just hooked and hanging...going along for the ride...flapping in the wind!

And as was this morning I had a start-off snafu and figured it was all smooth the rest of the day..and it was pretty much so...

Times have changed, and though the technology levels are amazing and we can accomplish more..we take on more and rise to What Dr. Peter called the Peter Principle...Meaning one rises to their own level of incompetence...

On these mailbag days I think it is easy to feel You do not have a thumb on the pulse of things...It is a test of faith!

Yet as You press through in faith and not by sight You usually come out on the positive side of things...though somedays the ride is a little bit longer than You want to last...

I see people going through these things everyday. Businesses downsized workforces and peple overloaded with duties..and in a lot of cases most will be understanding to their plight because they are going through the same thing also!

I have a great boss who has the same wild sense of humor I have and that helps greatly...also on breaks I read a fellow writer's blogs of Her humor lightened me up also! 

So really no point to my meanderings other than that we be open minded to other's plights....and knowing that they like us are probably having a cruddy day also!

So on those days "Mailbag Days" Prayer helps and doing Your best to hold fast to what You need to do, trying to be a little light hearted, and having done Your best to let God care for the rest....

Blessings In Him, Brother Tim


Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 1:08 AM EST
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Thursday, 23 February 2012
Ancient Skies
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Michael Gungor
Topic: Anointed Music Videos!

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 3:52 AM EST
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012
Facts About Moses!
Mood:  surprised
Now Playing: God will take care of Your Needs!
Topic: Biblical Archaeology

Amazing Data on Moses


Moses and the people were in the desert,

but what was he going to do with them?

They had to be fed,

and feeding 2 or 3 million people

requires a lot of food.


According to the Quartermaster General

in the Army, it is reported

that Moses would have to have had

1500 tons of food each day.

Do you know that to bring

that much food each day,

two freight trains, each at least a mile long, would be required!

Besides you must remember,

they were out in the desert,

so they would have to have firewood

to use in cooking the food.

This would take 4000 tons of wood

and a few more freight trains,

each a mile long, just for one day.


And just think,

they were forty years in transit.

And Oh yes! They would have to have water.

If they only had enough to drink

and wash a few dishes,

it would take 11,000,000 gallons each day

and a freight train with tank cars,

1800 miles long, just to bring water!

And then another thing!

They had to get across the Red Sea at night.

Now, if they went on a narrow path,

double file, the line would be 800 miles long

and would require 35 days and nights

to get through. So there had to be a space in the Red Sea,

3 miles wide so that they could walk

5000 abreast to get over in one night.


But then, there is another problem...

each time they camped at the end of the day,

a campground two-thirds the size

of the state of Rhode Island was required,

or a total of 750 square miles long.

Think of it! This much space for camping.


Do you think Moses figured all this out

before he left Egypt?  I think not!

You see, Moses believed in God.

God took care of these things for him.

Now do you think God

has any problem

taking care of all your needs?

Our God is an Awesome God!!!

So when the road

you're traveling on

seems difficult at best,

just remember,

keep on praying,

and God will do the rest.


A mahalos for My Hanai Dad for sending me this in an email today! Love You Dad!

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 1:56 AM EST
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Monday, 20 February 2012
A Song of Hope!
Now Playing: If I know You-By Out of The Grey!
"If I Know You"
by Out Of The Grey
from the 1994 Album Diamond Days.

She counts the hours as she recounts her tears
This day in life feels like a thousand years
But in the changing light of time a doorway forms in her mind
She smiles and sings the song that pulls her through

Chorus (2x):
If I know You, You will turn this day into a perfect surprise
If I know You like I think I do the worst of times will work out right

So many hours spent fearing the hours ahead
I would do better to remember You
For in the changing light of day You always seem to paint the way
In softer hues and brush away my blues


If I know You, You will turn this day into a perfect surprise
If I know You like I know I do the worst of times will work out right
Lord, I know there's hope in sight
You will get me through if I know You

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 4:17 PM EST
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Do You feel like you are teetering at times....
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Steady Me By Out of The Grey!
Topic: Anointed Music Videos!

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 4:15 PM EST
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There is Hope!
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: He is Hope!
Topic: Inspirational Graphics...

This was a T-Shirt Design originally for a church group I attended Years ago..I still share this in Poster from here on my blog! Blessings In Him, Brother Tim

direct link to this pic in a larger size is here:

other pages full of Christian Downloads for no charge and free for personal use are:

My Main artsite is:

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 1:46 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 20 February 2012 1:55 PM EST
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Friday, 17 February 2012
Girl Scout Cookies Song!
Now Playing: Tim Hawkins
Topic: On The Lighter Side!

Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 2:27 AM EST
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Wednesday, 15 February 2012
Our Walls....
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: Thanks to Brother Godwin for this one....
Topic: Wise Christian Quotes!

I woke up early this morning and was going back to sleep but a lot of things running through my head...namely a Rick Godwin tweet..which I thought was non pertainent, yet even trite...but that is how a "WORD" sent out will hit You at a flying mallet or a velvet covered brick (My Favorite)

The Quote:

Sometimes you put walls up "not "to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down!- Rick Godwin

So here I read it and re-read it...seemingly not for me..but I'm tired trying to get another hours worth of rest.... and realizing this was me, and is me! Have my own walls been ever taken down...have they been just to see, or just to keep others out? Maybe a little of both!

We all have walls, and most of them have been built with the bricks of hurt and disappointment, to protect us...they are veneered with the graffiti of life, or facades of toughness or the dangerous ones of faux lowliness...sometimes they are even camoflaged with the Word of God.. Yes the people that can quote a verse on every occasion...nice folk, brethren, yet do You know them, can You get past that wall, that barrage of Scripture and ritual to a level of transparency and know them? 

This seemingly simple statement by Rick speaks much....I think it is key to where real relationships of depth are formed..the soul ties in a positive sense..yet it means vulnerability (therefore the protective walls).

I really do not have a distinct summation to this post except that I know there will be some  who will read this and it will make them reflect.

Yet My walls are up just like everyone else, excepting I have always tried to keep a nice picture window that is clear to see in... hoping maybe  there will be that one who will see in, see the potential and throw the brick....

I know of one like that with me...I see the toughness, the sharp wit, the sarcasms, all are truthful, yet truthfully saying I am waiting for someone to "throw the brick", I want to be known, and loved for who I am inside not just a nice outer wrapping....

I thank God that He is with me in all I do. Just as a point of clarity, I am not talking of this relationship I have with the Lord in regards to the quote...I am talking of life and relationships in the here and now, with those around us..My relationship with Christ is what keeps me together and He gives me the strength and tools to discern the walls in my life and others...

So My Prayer is You and I encounter those bricks or wrecking balls from the right ones, to open us up and to grow...

Well now having writing what I need to, I still can grab an hour of sleep before my breakfast and power walk with Buster the wonder dog!  Have a blessed day,

In Him, Brother Tim

P.S. I think is Tom Petty is close to the mark...


Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 10:39 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 15 February 2012 1:05 PM EST
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