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Gruene County Set Lists & Music To Learn

StL coming up fast. Here's a list of songs we'll pick from to play. We'll be finalizing this list on Sunday.

Note: these are not in order yet, and are probably twice as much as we need for this show.

Hey Janeane E
Trucker Song F
Friday Night G
Drink Yourself To Death F
In My Dreams G
Things Have Been Good / I Won't Go With Her G
Down At The Texaco E
Flatlands F#m
Meet Me At Tommy's G
Midnight Train To Georgia F
Ring Of Fire A
Purple Rain A# (Acoustic)
Bluegrass Widow C
Nights Like These C
Tears Donít Matter Much C
Nymphomaniac G
Boys From Oklahoma G
Long Black Veil G
When Iím Stoned A#
Cheap Trucker Speed G
Bang My Head E
See You Leave E
Sixth Avenue Heartache F
Train To Birmingham G
This Time Around G
Highway Junkie D
Folsom Prison Blues E
To All The Girls Iíve Loved Before G# (Acoustic)
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud, Music) F
Whiskey River G
Drag G (Acoustic for now)
Mean, Mean, Woman E
She Talks To The Angels E
Sometimes She Forgets G
Gun Song E
Seven Spanish Angels E
Crazy Eddieís Last Hurrah G
She Took A Lot Of Pills (And Died) G
Pearl Snaps G
Nobodyís Girl G#
Loving County G#
Alright Guy C
Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound F#
Dead Flowers D
Take Me Out To A Dancehall G 

I'm going to post the lyrics, chords, and mp3s of the new ones as soon as I can! e-mail me if you have any questions. Chris -


12/9 - Jason Boland in Fayetteville - Possibility

MP3s and Text files - Right click and save target as to download!!!

The Trucker Song - MP3
The Trucker Song - Text File

Cheap Trucker Speed - MP3
Cheap Trucker Speed - Text File

Pearl Snaps - MP3
Pearl Snaps - Text File

Midnight Train To Georgia - Text

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke... - Text

When I'm Stoned - Text

Train To Birmingham - MP3
Train To Birmingham - Text File

Long Black Veil - MP3
Long Black Veil - Text File

Speed Rack - Text File
Speed Rack - MP3

Friday Night - MP3
Friday Night - Text File

In My Dreams - Text File
In My Dreams - MP3

If You're So Country - Text File
If You're So Country - MP3