Ex-Dementia' Interview

M.W. Hannibal: Hey Jon, how's it going?

Jon: Hey dude, I'm doing alright, just a bit tired after browsing the internet for hours, doing nothing more than shamelessly promote my band.

M.W. Hannibal: Give a brief history of the band. And what's new as of now?

Jon: Well, I've talked to Chris online for years, and we always talked about getting together and starting a band since our interests and motives in music were very similar. We both didn't really no anyone who had the same influences as us, so we decided to say fuck it, and he moved down here to start the band. I met Branden in the high school cafeteria, and pretty much the same thing happened, except he was a horrible drummer. So we just made him practice a lot and he got really good and is now under our control. Zack... well fuck, I don't even know where Zack came from. But eventually we all ended up in Brandens basement and started churning out the best music we could, which every person I have ever met commented on it as "horrible, shitty noise."

M.W. Hannibal: What are the band's main influences? Movies/Music/Art?

Jon: The main influences are definitely old school death metal, bands like Impetigo, Carcass, Dismember, Autopsy, Grave, and also quite a bit of thrash, like Rigor Mortis and S.O.D. Those are the bands we love the most and is the style we all always wanted to play. We all were getting tired of current day death metal bands who try to hard to out "brutalize" each other, or try to be the most technical band in the world, and, in a lot of cases, they would succeed, but the music itself was lacking. A lot of them went for those inspirations and completely dropped trying to make catchy, memorable songs that would really get your. blood pumping and have your eyes roll into the back of your head and want to stab somebody's guts out, and instead created soulless, bland, and clichéd music that really does nothing more than go through the typical motions so the band will be assured of plenty of myspace friends who like such boring drivel because it's "cool." What’s even more depressing is the amount of trends in today’s death metal. Death metal was a genre of music that thrived on originality and groups of bands that had no similarities rather than the foundations of the music. Nowadays, there will be one death metal band that will generate some sort of success, and then the next day there will be a thousand bands pushing there demo and they sound IDENTICAL to that other band. It's pretty pathetic. I'm not saying my band is the most original thing in the world, but we have taken some aspects and made them our own.

M.W. Hannibal: How did you guys come up with the band name?

Jon: Originally we were called Horrified, but than Chris found a horrible nu-metal sounding wannabe death metal band from Sweden with the same name, so we had to drop that. Then one day, as I was writing a bunch of different names down, trying to get the best one, I just came across that. We all liked it and then Branden drew the logo

M.W. Hannibal: How would you describe the band's sound. For people who have not heard you guys?

Jon: Definitely thrashy old-school death. Not really much else than that

M.W. Hannibal: Who was the best band you guys got to play with?

Jon: Ahhh, shit. Our first show we opened up for Machetazo and Splatterhouse, and both those bands fucking SLAYED! I wouldn't be able to choose between the two because they both were like gigantic monsters, pulverizing the cheap bar we played at!

M.W. Hannibal: Have any tours/festivals/shows coming up?

Jon: Yes! Jason from Splatterhouse is running a fest called The Goregon Massacre fest, and this year we are one of the bands on the bill! Unfortunately, I didn't get to go last year, but from what I heard it was a fucking blast! This year is shaping up to be good to, with Ghoul as the headliner and F.K.U flying over to the states to thrash our fucking heads.

M.W. Hannibal: Have you guys signed to ''KITCHEN VOMIT RECORDS'' What will the release be called? And when will it be released?

Jon: Yep, we're ready to release the first album with that fine label. It shall be called "Thou Shall Repulse" and it will be a vicious platter of death, thrash, guts, and vomit clocking in at around a half an hour. We're about to finish writing the last song and than after that we should be ready to record!

M.W. Hannibal: When will you guys hit the studio?

Jon: We're waiting for Branden to get a new drum-kit so we can have a better sound on the album, so things should be shaping up around the beginning of '07 or the very end of '06.

M.W. Hannibal: What can we expect from ''Ex-Dementia'' In the future?

Jon: Plenty of shows and hopefully more releases, I hope Ex Dementia has a long, fulfilling existence.

M.W. Hannibal: Have any last words for the readers?

Jon: Hmm, buy our shit when it comes out? And stay shitty and support real death metal, don't take any of this crappy 3rd rate wannabe shit!