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BADMOVIES.ORG-This guy's site inspired me to do one of my own. Check it out! His reviews have pictures, sounds, and clips.
BASTARDS OF HORROR-Charlie Fleming is what I refer to as an A-1 Badass Mufucker. Don't forget to watch "Cannibal Aneurysm"!
FANGORIA MAGAZINE-The finest horror magazine in the world! Finally they have a web page. Subscribe now.
GATES OF GORE-Not only full of great reviews, but also one of the few places you'll find interviews with many of the brightest stars and filmmakers on the indie horror scene. Go to this site each and every day to avoid being a loser.
JOE BOB REPORT-If it wasn't for this man, you can bet your ass I probably wouldn't be into these movies in the first place.
SASSY DEVIL-Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go EVERYWHERE.
WOMENFILMS.COM-"A Woman's Best Feature Is Her Film".

BRAIN DAMAGE FILMS-If you're looking for some seriously gory and well-made indie horror, go here.
BURNING ANGEL.COM-What could possibly be better than feminist porn? Why, feminist horror porn.
DR. SQUID-Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires! Check it out!
COPP FILMS-Home of cult filmmaker (& fellow Dean Cameron fan) Andrew M. Copp.
DSK PRODUCTIONS-Makers of "Retards Shouldn't Run With Chainsaws". Need we say more?
FALCON VIDEO-Sexy, scary and on the edge, their movies feature such stars as Tina Krause, Barbara Joyce, Kimberly Lynn Cole and our very own Monica Puller.
FREAK PRODUCTIONS-Home of teenage genius Henrique Couto. Don't hate him because he's beautiful!
THE GIRLS' ROOM-Much more than just an indie film. I love these guys.
HTM FILMS-Creators of the Gonzoriffic-approved indie film MURDER IS LIKE SEX. Hell to the yeah.
industrial TELEVISION-A cable access show in NY that has to be seen to be believed. Check it out and tell 'em GONZORIFFIC sent ya.
LOW BUDGET PICTURES-All hail Chris Seaver and his unique brand of meaningful, sick horror comedy.
MO-FREEK-The astoundingly talented Angela Bettis (MAY) and filmmaker Kevin Ford bring you this beautiful indie site. Mia Tyler is in one of their movies. Are you there yet?
OAMM-Stands for "Old Applewhite Midget Mansions Productions". Crack-tastic!
SEDUCTION CINEMA-I am smitten by their movies. You can't beat em, kids. You can't freakin beat em. Go see what I mean.
SLAUGHTERHOUSE CINEMA-It's got nothing to do with the beef industry. It's home base for gore maestro/filmmaker Joe Castro.
SPLINTER PICTURES-Not only is there a UK-based filmmaker named Andrew Shearer, but his short film Someone's Going To Say Bastard falls right in with my sense of humor. It is truly a small world (but I wouldn't want to paint it).
TEMPE ENTERTAINMENT-If you don't know who J.R. Bookwalter is, get your sorry ass to this site.
TROMA-The top producer of independent horror today, and they've got a wicked sense of humor. Gotta love Lloyd!

AMY LYNN BEST-Director of WERE-GRRL and SEVERE INJURIES. Amy is the real shit, my friends.
DARIAN CAINE-Go to her site, buy some of her drawz if you gotta, but give props to one of the greatest b-movie actors working today.
ROBYN GRIGGS-Star of SEVERE INJURIES and a flat-out awesome lady.
AMY KELLY-If you missed her in PEP SQUAD then you need to get with the program. She's amazing.
LINNEA QUIGLEY-Official site of America's #1 Scream Queen.
DEBBIE ROCHON-The official website of the best actor working in independent film today.
PAUL SCRABO-Creator of the epic, Gonzoriffic-certified DR. HORROR'S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS.
JEWEL SHEPARD-Official site of the coolest B-movie babe around. A double threat, Jewel is also an accomplished author.
TIFFANY SHEPIS-She kicks complete, total, monumental ass. Go to this site if you know what's good for you.
BRINKE STEVENS-Official site of the only scream queen with a degree in Marine Biology.
JULIE STRAIN-Larger than life star of several "B" movies, she is truly something to behold. One of the coolest actresses around. Go see her.
TERRY WEST-A cool muh-fucker that makes cool muh-fuckin movies.