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The Young Guns of Rock and Roll
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1/28/04 - Given the Chance is back with a passion. We're currently writing some new material, getting ready for some recording and some auditions. We are now the praise and worship band for the SonSeekers youth group at Grace United Methodist Church. Thank you for your support.

11/24/03 - Some dealies have happened since you've last heard. We're working on some new stuff right now. We're trying to define where the band is going at this time. You will hear more from us as we decide more for us.

11/24/03 - Pictures of the Jaycees show are up. It's been a long process, but they're up!

9/1/03 - Happy Labor Day to all of you. Given the Chance spent today happily taking some down-time and hitting the water, hitting the water a lot, literally. We spent the day wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing, and just all around hanging out. We will be in practice writing some new material here shortly. Thank you for your support.

8/17/03 - Huge thanks to everyone that stuck around for us at Fridays show. It wouldn't be the same show without you guys. Waiting to get some of the pics from the show, hopefully will have them up here shortly. Again thanks for your support. You guys rock. A special thanks to Ben from Shortcut for letting us use his bass rig, thanks.

8/11/03 - We've got a show on Friday. August 15 at the Melbourne Jaycees at 7pm. Cost is $5, hope to see you all there! Due to a recent diagnoses Justin will be singing at the show as his throat and vocal cords have mostly healed.

7/1/03 - Lots and Lots of new pictures!

6/13/03 - New guestbook. Brand new, sign the guestbook. Keep it clean guys.

6/13/03 - Hopefully the final change in name. Line-up's still the same. A change in heart and a change in name