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Last updated: February, 2007.

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giant sons is instrumental, and was, is, and always will be comprised of David Guillas [guitar], Robbie Richardson [drums], and David Tkach [bass]. And yes, we are three knobs. The end.


February/2007: The record has been available for a few months now on G7, and through various other digital download places. See reviews: Aversion review, Screaming Bloody Mess review, and Bokson review (in French). They're positive enough, I suppose. Let us know if you come across others.

September/2006: So the reunion show was really fun to do, and we have some video and audio that we hope to do something with. We'll keep you posted, and hopefully we'll get some photos too (send them if you have them). Dave and I are back to grad school in Ontario, while Beave is in Winnipeg, getting ready to go on tour with Propagandhi soon (yes, he is now a member, which is going to be amazing- listen to him awkwardly introduce himself near the end of G7's August podcast here ). Keep your eyes on the G7 website, as our anthology will be available very shortly. See our profile on their website here. Later, -Robbie.

July/2006: Giant Sons will be playing a reunion show on Thursday, August 31, 2006, at the Royal Albert Arms in Winnipeg. G7 Welcoming Committee Records will be re-releasing all our old studio recordings in mp3 format around that time.

old news:

Ex-members of Giant Sons and Standstill have formed a new band called Rough Music. Look for them in February or March of 2004.

There are two new mp3s in the music section, the final Giant Sons recordings. Thanks to Ryan and the other fine lads at Mid Ocean who recorded us, and all the fine ladies and gentlemen who contributed to this band. Rough Music, folks! Rough Music.--David Tkach, January 28, 2004