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Georgia Erotica Writers Circle

**My apologies to those who contacted us in the past few months and did not receive a reply. We have been having trouble with our e-mail, so some messages were lost. :-( Please try again, or else try submitting a comment to the blog. We're sorry we missed you! :-P

Are you a female writer of erotica and romance? Are you looking for a circle of like-minded writers to write with, workshop with and share the joys and troubles unique to storytellers of our genre? Well, you've hit the honey pot.

The Georgia Erotica Writers Circle is a new group especially for us naugty-minded southern belles. Any serious female writer looking to hone her skills and make friends within this somewhat closeted genre is welcome. If you are currently working on, or would like some support on beginning to write serious, literary erotica, then do drop us a line. :)

E-mail us at telling a little about yourself and your writing. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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