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Polkadotted moon, the birds are singing out of tune
The rat and cat sat down to chat and drink some sweet red wine
And everything's alright

We lost our day of rain, to tell the truth I'm still feeling the same
The sun sets west I can't sleep yet
I haven't got the time, I hope that you don't mind
But I'm feeling fine

Laugh when morning comes, dance and sing to the song of the sun
The twirling girl unlocked her curls and offered me her wine
And everything's alright

The mime would start to scream, he awoke from a silent movie dream
He believed the silver screen
Stole his soul each night, and drank from him his time

The crystal gowns and golden crowns of child kings and queens
Were never lost they were just tossed in a place for broken dreams
So dream of me, dream of me, and fingerpaint my skies
I will believe I will believe that everything's alright
And I'm feeling fine

I walked the water's edge, just making sure that the river got fed
I jumped right in but could not swim, then the water turned to wine
And everything's alright

The river stole my shoe, and I'll just bet it wants the other one, too
I threw that shoe and then I know I'd be walking home tonight
But you know I'll be alright
'Cuz I'm feeling fine!