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Winter 2004

me waiting for the bus on 3 Jan, when we went to see Adam Pascal in Cabaret!

me waiting in the Subway station

me at the Moondance!

yea, Studio 54!

such a sexy Emcee!!!

even though we didn’t get to meet him, we still got his autograph!

Cabaret sign in Times Square

the Strand Capital Theatre, where I saw RENT for the first time

me inside the theatre

meeting the cast after the show! with Constantine (Roger)

me and Brian (Mark)

the guys who played Angel, Benny, and Mr. Jefferson

me and Marcus, who played Collins (and was fantastic)

Harry Potter Fun Faire, and Theresa’s mom’s school… I was Prof Trelawney!

Luna Lovegood

Theresa (aka Prof McGonagall) sorting a student into their house

Theresa’s mom aka Prof Sprout


me… thanks Tee for the hot costume!

our posters!

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