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les photos de Paris!

oh, j'aime Paris!!!

Place de la Concorde

j'ai oublie...

me & Dawn

Les Champs-Elysees!!

j'aime cette photo!

Kiley, Val, Alyssa

xmas tree on les Champs-Elysees

Harry Potter!

Arc de Triomphe


cool metro sign


view from Sacre-Coeur

Val, me, Dawn, Kiley

our bracelets from the Jamaican/South African guys (they couldnt decide where they were from) forced us into taking, then asking 7 euro for them. haha i didn't pay!! 2 months later, i still have mine on!


Moulin Rouge!


La Seine


a bird lady


the tacky xmas tree


les pyramides.. unfortunately it was too dark...

La Tour Eiffel!! sparkling!


avec Dawn

from below

Kiley, Val, Dawn, and Alyssa at the top (inside of course)... while i was scared witless


Le Retour du Roi.. i like it! :) yay LOTR

the next morning, back at Eiffel

the carousel we rode

Avenue Rapp

that's what i'm talking about!

Les Invilides (and me w/ my special hot dog)

les jardins

Le Louvre

Venus de Milo

Centre Pompidou... too dark...

Les Champs-Elysees at night!!

encore, moi

the pigeons at Notre-Dame on our last morning

feeding the pigeons

something so simple was a definate highlight of the trip

Japanese tourists even took pictures of us! haha


I have a thing for Notre-Dame, if you couldn't tell...

Sainte-Chapelle... what we could see of it


La Grande Arche


La Defense... which is where our AMAZING weekend ended...

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