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Arcadia Spring 2004

playing in the snow! Theresa by the Welsh flag

Bobbi rolling down the hill

Amy and Bobbi

me in the snow!

Theresa back in our room


a random Carebear themed picture taken in my room that i stole from Michelle!

Christina trying to cheer Theresa up about not being able to go to the 80s dance


Becky, Nina, and Jonathon ready for the 80s dance

Kara giving Brett a mohawk

me & Nicole, my grandma!

Sara and friends

me, Becky, and Nicole

all of us in Brett's room

dancing the night away...

Kara doing one of the many dances she knew haha

Nina, Brett, and me

me and Jonathon - I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

a terrible polaroid from Spring Fling: Kat, Theresa, John, Aimee, and me

soaking up the sun


Anna drawing

beautiful Jinell lol

Nicole lying in the sun

Sara and Christina

Geo, Nicole, Brett, Olivia, Jonathon, and Nina

Amy and Bobbi


I LOVE THIS ONE TOO! Christina, Theresa, Val, and Kara... oh the family love!

Anna reading... i thought this was a cool pic

me, Theresa, Nicole, and Alyson playing on the roof outside the Blue Lounge

flicking Kara (taking the picture) off!


Zombie Movie Time!!

Jonathon, looking scary as hell lol

bloody Rachlin

Theresa was def the sexiest zombie

Patrick... hahahaha... i'm not even going to ask.

Public Safety aka Iceman

Zombie Foxy

the infamous ankle injury... no more stunt acting for me! lol

part of the family poses for a pic on Kara's bed

mommy and daughter share a hug, while the neglected adopted daughter holds the umbrella

me and my "twin" Alyson

Theresa and Kiley in the dining hall


look at how cool Theresa and i are on our cell phones!

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