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07 archived news


07 news archive

New releases

New releases

    RedSK: Desktopcore Misses You And You Miss It (mp3)
    Hour long noise release that's like a computer meltdown soundtrack.

    RedSK: Alien Vibrations (mp3)
    [alien noise]
    About 10 minutes of noise that sounds like a weird sci-fi alien soundscape.

New release

    vybbtuan: me agape vybbtuan (mp3)
    Epic breakcore/glitch tracks over 80s Greek Pop. Just under 40 minutes.
    "One of my favorite releases of 2007!" - James Allen (Timmy the Tapeworm)

New release

    vcjicc: Basement Tapes Vol 1 (ogg/mp3)
    [harsh noise]
    Created through tape-manipulation & straddling the line between ambient & harsh noise, this 60+ minute release is definitely worth a listen. Closes with a remix by Timmy the Tapeworm.
Robotic Head comp went digital last week. Already close to 300 downloads (before radio play).

New release

    Timmy the Tapeworm: Girls On Film (mp3)
    DJ-esque set from Mpls warehouse party of the same name.
    It's 17.5 minutes of breakbeats mashing up with some infamous voices.

New release

    Timmy the Tapeworm: Bukkake Sex Slave (mp3)
    [harsh noise]
    15 minutes across 3 tracks. Great afterwash for the Robotic Head Comp.

New releases

    v/a: Robotic Head COMPILATION (CD-R)
    New versions & exclusive tracks from nearly every FFR + some new people. Only the phys version's available right now. Digital will be next month.

    Snacks For Pterri: Barbed Pene (c60)
    [harsh noise]
    Recorded live, enhanced digitally. Comes in spray painted case w/hand-written track list & collage. Numbered. 50 made. Less available now.

Sorry for the delay. This stuff was made available last Sat, the 18th, just in time for the Return of Seth Vanhorn. Great show. See more this week. Most details are in the live section. Advance Together/Bootlegs by people who care, they're the one's who know more.

New release

    Timmy the Tapeworm: Blue Shades (ogg/mp3)

Future Lobby Music has finally hit the radio.
Autevcrtcre II's 8orchestra debuted on nowlikephotographs, Radio K's weekly Epic Instrumental show last night. Podcasts are available on their site.

More live sets have been added, as well as updates to the Return of Seth Vanhornwell IV shows (aug 18-25).

New release

    Snacks For Pterri: Kibou Is Sleeping (ogg/mp3)

A week full of shows featuring Seth Vanhorn (Overthruster, Abortionist, Disthroned Agony, etc) in August. More details in live section.

New release

    RedSK: Disco Dance Super Time (ogg/mp3)
    [harsh noise]

New releases

    TIMMYtheTAPEWORM: All of Us Can Be Rich Weirdos (mp3)
    [noisy plunderphonics]

    CNTLplusZ: Decaying Flesh (mp3)
    [noise/sound collage]

New look. Do you like it?
News older than a month will be moved to an archive, as well as live shows from previous years.

New releases

    Snacks For Pterri: Clubbing Seals (mp3)
    [harsh noise/tekno]

    Snacks For Pterri: Until It's Cardboard (mp3)
    [harsh noise]

    Snacks For Pterri: Clubbing Seals 2 (mp3)
    [harsh noise/tekno]

New releases

    RedSK: Isolating the Infected (mp3)
    [harsh noise]

    Future Lobby Music (mp3)
    [ambient noise/accousmatic]
    Now available in digital & analog formats.

New releases

    Autevcrtcre II: Zytar Wars (mp3)

    Autevcrtcre II: Image Trap (mp3)
    [avant garde/synth/noise]

    Autevcrtcre II: Malleable Drawing (mp3)

The links for Timmy the Tapeworm's Inner Ear & Snacks For Pterri's nvcieow have been fixed.
Sorry for any problems.

New release

    Compilation: Future Lobby Music (CD-R)
    [ambient noise/accousmatic]
    Over 50 minutes of various forms of ambience from five Minneapolis/St. Paul projects.
    Two editions of 50 CD-Rs will be created, cased in painted packages.
    The first edition features blue on silver paint, the second will feature blue on gold.
    A digital incarnation of the comp will surface next week, along with a few other new releases worth your attention. More word later.

The FLM comp production is under way.
The first edition (50 CD-Rs) will feature blue on silver spray painted discs & packages & should be ready for distribution next week.

New Releases

    Snacks For Pterri: nvcieow (mp3)
    [ambient/avant garde noise]
    Nearly 40 min of ambient noise.

    TIMMYtheTAPEWORM: Inner Ear (ogg/mp3)
    [harsh noise/glitch]
    A very short release (about 3.5 min) for the distinguished ear.

The Future Lobby Music comp is closed & will be released near the end of the month.
About an hour ranging from drone to accousmatic ambient music. More details later.

New release

    Snacks For Pterri: Cunt Wax (mp3)
    [ambient & harsh noise]
    70+ min!!! Best SFP release yet!?!

New release

    Autevcrtcre II Does The Abortionist (mp3)
    [noise, glitch]
    Recorded live on a Talkboy Deluxe in need of wire-repair.
    Interesting essence of a live alteration of The Abortionist.

There's now a myspace page for findit-fuckit-recordit.

New releases

    Overthruster: Nov 18 (ogg/mp3)
    [breakcore, tracker]

    Abortionist: abfash (ogg/mp3)
    [nasty techno, noise]

    Timmy the Tapeworm: Talkboy Tapes (mp3/ogg)
    [spoken word, plunderphonics]

    Overthruster: Fasion Proof (ogg/mp3)
    [speed core, break core, noise]

Wide range of new stuff with two amazing new artists. Check them all out!!!

New release

    Autevcrtcre II: 241 (mp3)
    [glitch, synth, plunderphonics]
    First release on FFR from this amazing Mpls-based artist features TWO EPs on one release.

Link for CNTLplusZ's Root Canal has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New release

    Timmy the Tapeworm: Fuck Generator (c10)
    [game, tekno, noise]
    First edition is limited to 10 copies
    Tapes & cases spray-painted, exclusive artwork on cases

Releases page has been futher updated for clarity.

New release

    CNTLplusZ: Root Canal (mp3/ogg)
    [tape-manipulation, noise]

Call to artists for the upcoming compilation, Robotic Head.
Looking for noise, tape-manip, plunderphonics, & any other forms of abstract sounds.
Hoping for a summer release.
Contact if you wanna be on it:

    New Release
      Snacks For Pterri: Future's Ear (mp3)
      [ambient & abstract noise]

The long overdue Snacks For Pterri release, Future's Ear, has reached the final mixing/remixing stage.
Release: Early Feb.07

New release

    Bankie Phones vs Snacks For Pterri: 02.10.06 (mp3)
    [tekno, noise]

Bankie Phones vs Snacks For Pterri: 02.10.06 is finally mastered and remixed from the original MD.
Recorded at the now extinct Pleasure Dome (Mpls), this will be the first live release from findit-fuckit-recordit!
Should be available as an mp3 release within the next week.

New release

    Snacks For Pterri: hbporke (mp3)

The Liebeswahn Artistry site got deleted!!!
For those not in the know, Liebeswahnt Artistry often provides the visual side of findit-fuckit-recordit.
The matter of how soon a new site might be built is still up in the air.

Upcoming releases

    vcjicc: Basement Songs Vol. 1
    [tape manipulation, shit-fi]

    Cntl plus Z: Root Canal
    [tape manipulation, noise]

    Various Artists: Future Lobby Music (compilation)
    [ambient, drone]

The first completely new release of the year

Happy New Year!!!

The first Snacks For Pterri release, Battle of the Homesick Abortions, and Timmy the Tapeworm's Divergent Speech are now available for free download from Lulu. Check out the Releases page for more information.

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