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    Devin Biy
    Reiss Zurbyk

   Sunday, November 4th
Thanks Kiddies!
11/4/01 1:36 AM CEN | Update |Webmaster
The show yesterday was awesome! There wasn't one kid there chanting "Fat Louie". Thanx kiddies, you guys were awesome. Pictures from the show coming soon. Take our new poll below.
   Monday, November 5th
Latest Update
11/5/01 4:22 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
New logo being uploaded soon ;) keep your eyes peeled.
   Tuesday, November 6th
Tha new stuffz
11/6/01 8:31 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
New section "old news" added, personal logos hit counter... oo la la... reiss has to upload personal sections cuz im too busy. later -clemis
   Tuesday, November 5th
New Tunes!
11/5/01 11:18 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
New songs to be debuted at coming show! Amazing songs!
   Saturday, November 10th
New pages...
11/10/01 8:59 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
Added a few more pages of pics - Clemis
   Thursday, November 8th
Latest Update
11/7/01 10:09 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
Band practice held yesterday. Reiss slammed his foot on his bass case as he jumped off his couch, which left him playing on the floor. OUCH! DO NOT MISS THE STILL WARM/FAT LOUIE SHOW TOMORROW!!! see shows for more details.
   Saturday, November 10th
More Pictures!
11/9/01 9:31 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
2 more picture pages loaded, chek em out! Store page up! Personals pictures up. Fat Louie Official website complete! Will have more cool updates soon. feel free to tour around :)
   Wednesday, January 16th
01/16/02 4:15 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
Hope you guys enjoyed 2001! Yes, what a fun year we've had indeed. As you might have heard Fat Louie has had some troubles. Sorry about any confusion we have caused. Over the holidays everybody came to their senses once again. Fat Louie has a whole new line up of shows (may not be listed- some may not be scheduled yet) for the first while of 2002. Keep posted with this site, and keep on rockin Fat Louie fans! Keep it real! FAT LOUIE
   Sunday, February 10th, 2002
02/10/02 8:00 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
Hey fans! Fat Louie has their lyrics page up and running! MAYBE you will see an MP3 page up soon ;) Keep posted kids :)
   Sunday March 17, 2002
02/10/02 8:00 PM CEN | Update |Webmaster
Hey fans! Fat Louie was on the radio last night in a talent competition and was awarded the most promising performers.The CFRY radio station asked us to be on the radio again in the near future. We were also asked to play 2 more LARGE shows. Keep updated everyone! There's alot of Fat Louie still to come!