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    Old News

 Band Members
    Adam Surcon
    Cody Larson
    Devin Biy
    Reiss Zurbyk

Population - 45, your town still has a bar.
Its an easy way out for the government to give an unemployed cop a job.
Your reasons for living are sex, drugs and alcohol.
I don't want it, you can have it.
Please take it all.
Come hither my friend.
For, I can show you why you're too much for yourself and not for me.

Not for me?
Then I'll watch you fall!
Only for you?
Only for me?
Only for you, only for you!
Because you're not for me!

When I say its not for me, I talk about the small things in life, that make no sense at all
Like, how you drive your car to work when its only a couple steps away.
Or, how when you lose a fight, you ask for more.
So I'll let you get beat.

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