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    Old News

 Band Members
    Adam Surcon
    Cody Larson
    Devin Biy
    Reiss Zurbyk


Ibanez Guitars - used by all Fat Louie members

Yamaha Drums - used by Devin Biy

Gibson Guitars - amplifier used by Cody Larson

Crate Amplifiers - used by Reiss Zurbyk

Zildjian cymbals - used by Devin

Kustom Amplifiers - used by Adam Surcon

Iron Cobra pedals - used by Devin

Jim Dunlop Accessories - cool picks with neat little pictures on them ;)

P.A. system used by band

Guns Liquor and Whores - my buddy Dan's, band's site. These guys are an amazing hardcore band.

A Place Tomorrow - an awesome local emo-core band.

Audiogalaxy - the bands favourite, FREE music site

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