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    Old News

 Band Members
    Adam Surcon
    Cody Larson
    Devin Biy
    Reiss Zurbyk

The venue is over.
Im standing here alone.
My ears are still ringing.
Gotta find me a ride home.
I have one last chance to meet the band.
They're packing up their tour bus and shakin peoples' hands.
I walk up to the front.
Its actually them.
My role models asked me to come on in.
They asked me where I lived.
I'd show them they way.
My favourite band.
Drove me home that day.

I have pictures to prove it.
They're always in my wallet.
And a signed ball cap is squeezed tight against my head.
It feels so good to know my dreams came true, and my friends are jealous of what I went through.

I fell asleep that night, autographs pinned on my wall.
Parents yelling in the next room.
Will I get grounded at all?
For being so late.
I don't really care!
My dream came true.
You'll think its not fair.

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