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    Old News

 Band Members
    Adam Surcon
    Cody Larson
    Devin Biy
    Reiss Zurbyk

here's the band biography:)

Band Bio: Fat Louie has been a performing punk band since February 2000. We formed when Devin Biy (drummer) and Reiss Zurbyk (bassist) had a jam session together at Devin's house which is now our home for our band practices. Cody had been fairly experienced so the three punks got together for their first jam session as a group. No more than about a week after, we had small crowds of about 10 come to check out what kind of show we could put on. The small crowds seemed to like our punkish rock style, so we decided to take a step further. The school was having a talent show which was only supposed to be for "air-bands" and dancing and crap, so we decided to push the teachers to let us enter. With a crowd of about 400 we smoothly played through "Take a Look Around" by one of Devin's influences, mainstream band Limp Bizkit, and the infamous "Dammit" by one of our influnces Blink 182. The crowd began jumping, and the older kids started moshing to what was going to be the start of a new, trendy, punk rock band for Stonewall, Manitoba. Ian Taylor was our former singer until he somewhat let us down, with his "Marge Simpson" singing style. We had to move on to other people. A few months later, Mr. Badger approached Reiss one day and asked him if he and a good friend of his would like to D.J. a dance for the little grade 5 and 6 children. This was the perfect oppertunity for a small little gig at the local dance hall for Fat Louie. With a crowd of approximately 100, we had even the younger children chanting "Fat Louie! Fat Louie! Fat Louie! to our first big single "Hit 'N' Run". This single was then played about 1 week later at the Red River Exhibition talent show infront of a crowd of about 150. For the months after, Fat Louie became slower with shows but much more efficient with practices. Joel Large was asked to sing for Fat Louie but stage-fright overcame him. Cody met up with a guy from Stony Mountain named Ryan Moore. Apparently he was extremely wicked at guitar, so we decided to have some band practices with him. Everything would have worked out great with him if hockey wouldn't have interfered. School started in September and we all ended up in jazz band class to end up hearing a very talented guitarest. Adam Surcon was hammering away on his guitar when we asked him to join us for a band practice. Our band practice turned out to be one of the most succesful band practices ever. And from then on we've carried on practicing and trying to get as many shows as possible. Fat Louie's next show was at Murray's corn maze on October 5th. With a crowd of over a hundred, the teens moshed to a cover show which the band put together. Our next show was once again at the Perochial Hall, which was also an incredible show, which we played some of our own tunes for the very first time. The next show was at The Odd Fellow's Hall in Stonewall. Fat Louie's last performance was broadcasted on the radio. This was a talent competition which Fat Louie won. Together Fat Louie is an incredibly talented band, and could be one day the CD playing in your discman. For information on how Fat Louie got its name, e-mail the band at

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