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First of all I'd like to say that no, this isn't a crazy scheme to trade fame points. I just wanted a grandiose title to grab your attention. -_^ This is an invitation to all the published authors on Game to Fame. My goal is to to unite all of G2F's published authors so we can all work together to promote each other's books.

The one thing that unites everyone who plays David Ho's unique and fun online game is this: we're all looking to make a name for ourselves. But we authors have a different goal from, say, the singers, actors, and models on the site. We aren't selling ourselves - we're selling our books. And we all know how difficult it is to do that! A model, actor, or singer embodies their talent and can display it at virtually any time. But when we tell people about our books, we have to trust that they'll actually get interested enough to learn more. It often takes four or five recommendations from several different sources for someone to finally get around to checking out a book.

This fact gives Game to Fame authors an extra challenge: we have to convince the people who view our profiles - in 1,000 characters or less - to buy our books. Not an easy task by any means. But the interesting thing is, while a person may not rush out to buy a book based on a short blurb about the author, they WILL rush out and buy it if a trusted friend of theirs highly recommends it.

Everyone in the publishing business knows, the best way to stir up interest in a book is to get people to read it. No million-dollar advertisement works as well as word-of-mouth. And my bet is, it'll work just as well on Game to Fame as it does in real life.

What I'm suggesting we do is create a smaller version of BookCrossing. Through that brilliant website, people take their old used books and leave them all over the place for others to find. Park benches, cafés, you name it. They also mail their used books to each other. Because after all, what good are books just sitting on a shelf? Especially OUR books, which we want to promote as much as possible?

The Great Fame Exchange will be akin to a little online library, run out of my (anyamaria) message board. If you're interested, here's what you do:

1) Set aside one or more copies of one or more of your books.
2) Sign my message board with a post like, "I have one copy of my novel Hi! I'm a Book! to send to any author who's interested." You can also provide a short summary of your book if you like.
OR read the entries on my message board and if you find an available book you're interested in reading, send a fan letter to the author describing your book and asking if s/he is interested in a swap.
3) If both of you want to read each other's books, exchange addresses and mail the books to each other.
4) Whether or not you liked the books, please post a review on Amazon or a similar website. It can be a short reviews, and it can also be anonymous. The point is to help the other author find fans, so it's only polite to throw in your two cents.
5) If you liked the book, e-mail the author's profile to at least one friend.

Now here's the fun part: every book is a hot potato! As soon as you've finished it, it's time to pass it on to someone else who'd like to read it. Make another post on my message board and organize another trade. After a while, a single copy of your book will have gained dozens of fans - and will have earned you tons of fame points! More importantly, all the G2F authors will be helping each other succeed AND enjoying free reading material.

If you want to join, just jump right in. Sign my message board with a trade offer. The only restriction is this: DON'T discuss this on the G2F message board. I asked David Ho's permission to organize this, and he said it would be okay as long as we kept it off the official board. The forum is a place for all G2F members, and this is specifically for G2F authors, so we'd be making other people feel left out.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve or expand on this pet project, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. Thanks for reading, and good luck! ^_^