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Rayne Boots

Why You Have Visited This Site

Hey. Basically...yeah. This is a web-comic I'm starting called "Rayne Boots." It's a parody on superhero anime junk and a re-living of gamer-life in the teenage world. Rayne Boots at first seems normal. Once delving deeper, there's a sort of insanity apparent in her being. Perhaps that is why she can read people's minds (but only their dreams and daydreams...what they are thinking exactly she cannot find), and why she seems to have an attraction towards gamers and actors. After all, she's written a term paper on the social interactions of gamers... Fifteen years old and sophomorically slacking, Rayne is spending all her time writing/drawing/hanging with gamers. So--gamers and psychic powers (soon to be transferred to her friends)--that's the game. As we meet more characters, their bios will be included on here. ^_^ ExCiTiNg!!!

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