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November 26th 2002 11:51pm

Long time no see everyone, well I'm glad to tell you that if you look on the upper right of your screen you'll see yourself that Exit 16 is at it again! We're off to preach the gospel of rock (so says the book of Frenzel) over at the Havana Bay Coffee House. We hope to see all of our fans there. I'm going to be making an important announcement at the show. Anyone who is at all into their local New Jersey scene just has to be there. What i'm going to annouce is going to change your look on the Hudson County scene completely. It will piss off some, provide relief for others, you have to be there to find out.

Other news...Other songs?!

Damnright..Exit 16 has come up with two new songs, none of which have official titles yet. Both will debut live Dec. 8th, We're recording the show and should have some of it up online for download, and for full download to those who are in the Official Mailing List, so sign up now and don't miss out!

The Message Boards...

Check out the new Exit 16 message boards, packed with craziness, from Pong Violence, to strait out Russian Roulette, come to the boards and master craft your skill in cynicism!

That's really all for now, feel free to sign the guestbook, and if your a local acoustic rock band, or rock band who can do acoustic shows, e mail me @, I need to talk to you.

The future is comming!!!!!!!!

--The Throat

October 24th 2002 8:48pm

Chris has decided to leave Exit 16. He was the last original member of the first lineup. Efrain is now the only remaining member part of the original lineup.

Efrain's Thoughts

"My thoughts can only be described through a quote that reads:

"Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be."
-Kahlil Gibran, "A Handful of Sand on the Shore"
this is what came to my head when I first realized Exit 16 had just lost a member. He was a good drummer and is a good friend, it's just something I guess he wasn't interested in or no longer had time for. It's a shame, but I'm more excited then anything. I'm ready for a change in sound, in work ethic, and in progress, as I think the whole band is. I wish him the best and thank him for letting us keep the name, which we both created. There will be things I will miss, but I won't lie, there are things I won't miss at all...those are the things that I am happy I won't have to deal with again. Long Live Exit 16, a band bigger then any member, whether it be me or otherwise."

**I will be posting other member's thoughts on this as they are given to me**

What about the Tour?

Yes, we had to cancel the Oct. 25th show at FDU, but we still want everyone to go out and check out The Free Agents, we apoligize for the inconviniences, but hope to have a new drummer by the end of November and join them at the second tourdate, or the third. This is all dependent on how the situation with a new drummer develops.

that's basically it for now, if you have any questions/hate mail/random chaos..
send it to or thanks.

until next time kiddies....

--The Throat

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