Things that pissed me off about Event Horizen: 1. Josh was always willing to ditch on band stuff for whomever he was fucking at any given time, which had a tendency to take place as soon as we started doing something productive. 2. Josh took songs out of our regular play without consulting me or other members when we had them. 3. Despite putting out nearly $500 for us to go on the road, Josh bitched about not having gas money while he and his girlfriend were living bill-free at her parents and spending money on pills to crush and snort regularly. Along with bitching, he didn't put up any money of his own, other than the earnings we pitched in equally, instead spending money from his girlfriend's *parents* for gas. This is aside from the fact that he *had* to have cigarettes while I was scraping tobacco crumbs into an old corn-cob pipe, and his need for cigarettes nearly stranded us in Indiana the first time. 4. Although we had an agreement from day one not to bring drugs to shows, on our first trip to Indiana, solely because the person he was fucking (not even dating at the time) wanted to, he brought muscle relaxants and nerve pills and snorted them before the show, as well as selling them to people we met there and spending the proceeds on cigarettes when we needed gas money to get home. 5. Although there was also an agreement that no females would interfere with band functions, part of our tour was cancelled due to his current girlfriend, and although I respect her wanting to return to take care of her mother, the band, according to what we agreed when we originally formed Event Horizen, should have gone back out on the road and still played, since we didn't need her to be able to play shows, and he wasn't even dating her at the time. 6. Despite years of bitching about his mom being "an alcoholic slut before she remarried" (sorry, those were his exact words on numerous occasions) and his dad being a bastard father, he himself has become a bastard father because he is too caught up in his latest fuck to even get his name put on his child's birth certificate, let alone having no involvement in the child's life because, as I've heard, his latest fuck gets jealous and bitches if he has anything to do with his kid and takes time off from doing random drugs with her. Despite the ups and downs, I did have fun as a member of Event Horizen and would change none of it, save my naievity to the inevitable. Josh, if you're reading this, grow a fucking spine already and stop letting your fixation on pussy drag you down and turn you into the things you *claim* to hate. Alas, I cannot mourn the dead forever, and so I bid a fond Rest In Peace to Event Horizen as I pursue other musical interests. I will be retaining the website, and as soon as I have more relevant info, I will post it. Sage P.S. You still owe me thirty-five bucks, Jayne