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Objective: to evaluate four design concepts

                   a. Robotic Mower.

                   b. Portable Power Supply

                   c. Universal Power Supply.

                   d. Cordless Garden Sprinkler


Audience : home owners.


Please tick (√) the appropriate answer that corresponds to you.

1- Do you prefer using wireless or robotic garden tools?  

Yes        No


2- How often do you use garden tools/power tools in the garden every;  

Week     Month     months     6 months


3- How much would you pay for a garden power tool?  

₤ 100      ₤ 200

₤ 500      ₤ 1000

₤ 1500    others specify


4- What power would you prefer?  

Electric Fuel

Battery Solar

others specify



5- Which colour would you like your garden tool to be?


a.      b. 

c.      d. 






Product 1 evaluation:

Robotic Mower

 6- Do you have a Mower?      


Yes               No



7- Is it self operated (cordless, or a robotic)?


Yes              No



8- What power does it use? 

    Electrical/mains     Fuel     

     Solar                       Electrical/battery 


9- Do you Think itís a good Idea to have a robotic mower?


Yes               No


10- Which power do you prefer for a robotic mower?


Electrical/mains   Fuel     

Solar                      Electrical/battery


11-  Give one reason that makes robotic mower better than ordinary one?


This is a proposed robotic mower that will just do the job by it self it is battery powered and can be charged over night to do a 3 hours grass cutting job, you can just switch on the robotic mower and go shopping and when you come back, all the job is done as simple as that, our smart robot as it scan the garden and finish the job it will just go into stand by position.

12-Looking at the following product what do you think? What do you like about it?

    Aesthetics              Usefulness             

    Ease of use            Size   

     Productivity.        Practicality


13- What donít you like about the design?

    Aesthetics           Usefulness           

     ease of use           Size

     Productivity        Practicality


14- How much would you pay for this garden power tool?

₤ 100       ₤ 200        ₤ 500     ₤ 1000  

    ₤ 1500   others



Product 2 evaluation: 

Portable Power Supply

15. Do you find trailing cables a problem?




16. Would a portable power supply for you electric tools be of interest to you?






17. Instead of replacing you garden tools with cordless version would purchasing a portable

power supply be a better option if so how much you pay for such a device?

<£10       £11-30

£31-60    £60+



Product 3 evaluation: 

Universal Power Supply


18- Do you already own cordless garden power tools?

YES            NO

19- When you have spent all the charge in the battery on the tool that you are using do you?

Change for another battery that has been

            on charge previously

Charge the battery you are using for a

              while then continue work with the battery

              Completely recharge the battery and

           return to your work later on


Proposed is a universal power pack that fits almost any make and model of cordless power tool on the market. In this product will be one charging unit that can hold up to three or four power packs, and two power packs will be provided with the option to buy other power packs.



20- Do you feel you would benefit from a universal power pack?

YES            NO

21- What is the maximum you would be prepared to pay for this product?

        £10-£19                     £20-£30           

        £31-£40                     £41-£50                 




Product 4

 Cordless Lawn Sprinkler

This is not only can be a pleasant water feature for your pond, but can also be a cordless lawn sprinkler. All you need to do it programme in the shape of your garden using our easy to use software. Then using its unique 360 degree rotational head it will water you lawn using the water from your pond when ever you wish.

22- Do you already have a sprinkler system?

YES            NO


23- Looking at the following product what do you like about it?

    Aesthetics            Usefulness             Ease of use

    Size                       Productivity        Practicality

24- What donít you like about the design?

     Aesthetics              Usefulness             Ease of use

     Size                        Productivity.           Practicality

25- How much would you pay for this product?

       £10-£25                    £26-£50           

       £51-£99                     £100-£125         




26-Now which one of the four design concepts do you like most

                   Robotic Mower.

                   Portable Power Supply

                   Universal Power Supply.

                   Cordless Garden Sprinkler


End of questionnaire thanks for your patience.