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Steven Elliott Art Portfolio

This website has been constructed

for the purpose of showcasing my

art, created through computer programs

as well as traditional methods.

Use the buttons to view the artwork ,

categorized by the various types of media

and methods. Please browse the site

and investigate. More images will be added

as the building of the site continues . . .

Adobe Photoshop

60s Montage        Images Magazine

                       Heads      Band Composite     Band composite 2

                                       Road Runner Band        Photo Restoration


Adobe Illustrator

                                        Marsh Logo     Airstream Label          

                  Frankenstein    The Grimp    Firebrand                 

                                       Midget Race      ART DECO EAGLE


Traditional Methods

          Charcoal Still Life    Hounds for Hire       Comic Strip          

I am available for free-lance graphic design projects.
I may be contacted at: (309) 762-4426 or