Jackie Domac

Edward and Jackie met on the set of T2, where she was his stand - in. They were reunited on the set of " A Home of Our Own" where she was his tutor, and Romance blossomed! She was 29, he 16 but he didn't seem to care " she's a vegetarian who won't even eat honey because she thinks they harm a few bees to get it. How can you not love that?"

"It's no big deal - she's just like a 19-year old," he explains of his former teacher, clearly having heard the isn't-she-a-bit-old-for-you? line of questioning several thousand times before. "I don't really notice the age difference. I don't think she does either - she's just as stupid and immature as me. I'm fine about it, but everybody makes a bigger deal of it than it really is."

Edward's family was against it. Even threatening to sue. They dated for around five years and she became his manager. Eventually though things got messy, and they broke up. She later sued for a percentage of his earnings, the proceedings were settled out of court. Recently after he was hospitalised she rushed to his bedside to console him. However she later told Page Six a tabloid intimite details of their conversations regarding Eddie's drug problems.