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Eagle's Wings Foundation an interdenominational Christian organizations
with pastoral oversight. The Foundation incorporates
trained Christian woman who have a calling and a
passion to establish homes for troubled girls,
woman and their children.

The Occupants will reside on the premises, and be
nurtured and counselled in a non judgemental loving
environment using Christian programs and will recive
practical practical training for everyday life,
ie... finances, parenting, employment resources ect.

Thay May arrive with shatted souls but thay will
leave having been touched by the love, grace and
forgivingness of their heavenly Farther.
Thay will have a hope and a future.

Please Rember Eagle's Wings in your prayers,
and please contact us if you know someone
who will need our help.

Eagle's Wings Foundation Inc.
PO Box 670 Wodonga
Phone: 02 65056 4930
AH: 02 6026 8411


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