The Works Of Dom Scarpa

Will you ever know?

Will you ever know?
How much I care
How I think of you all the time
How a feeling like this is rare

Will you ever know?
How much you mean to me
How you make me well
How with you I want to be

Will you ever know?
How much of my heart belongs to you
How you are my guardian angel
How my love for you is true

Will you ever know?

At three years old he spilled his juice
It spread over the preschool floor
As he watched his teacher clean it up
He kindly asked for more

At fifteen years old he spilled his papers
They blew down the corridor
He picked them up one at a time
Discouraging any more

At twenty five he spilled his blood
It splattered over the field of war
Nobody picked him up as he thought -
This is it, no more

So close yet so far
The perfect match
Seeing but not feeling
Hopes that we will meet

With me inside but not out
I want to hold you
Mutual feelings of love
Mutual feelings of need

In my heart yet out of reach
Lovely in a heavenly way
None here compare
No one comes close

Distance I feel daily
Longing to be with you
Happy days will be ours
Apart no more
Oh, Angel

Oh, Angel, my Angel
Sent from heavens above
Opening my eyes to light
Bring me to life with your love

Oh, equil, my equil
I look into a mirror
Dreams become reality
Loneliness I no longer fear

Oh love, love of my life
Perfection has never been more beautiful
You've made me so happy
My life so wonderful

To my Friends

Comrades, companions
Thanks for all the support
Like my counselors for life
As true as the sky is blue

Forever I am thankful
Eternally I am greatful
True friends are rare
As rare as a field of crimson red roses

Though times may change
And we may part
Trust that I'll never forget you
You'll always have a place in my heart
Eyes Opened

When will you know
How much you mean to me
Will you wake up and see
That this is not a dream

In my heart
I still hold onto hope
One day I'll hold you close
You'll no longer be alone

Longing for you (and I'm)
Dying for you (and our)
Time will come (when)
You and I are one

Dreams of us
I hold an undying love
For you I live
For you I last

Take my hand
In me confide
You don't have to be shy
Live with me this life
Vision of Hope

I bleed from wounds of tourture
Bloodsoaked is the fabric of my soul
Fists clenched out of hatered and fury
So sick of putting up with it all

What did I do to deserve this?
Bearing Hell just to survive this life
I offer a hand out to salvation
But still sink into the abyss

I've cried out all my tears
And now my suffering turns to pain
But the more I face this strife
The stronger I'll become

Why do we do what we do
None of this will matter in the end
We've got to look at the bigger picture
We've got to look to our future

My strength gives me the will to persist
I can see beyond the present
For now I have to fight a battle
I will come out better than the rest
All The Same

All are lost
They can't find the way
Pressuring influences
Led them astray
Want to be individual
Want to be free
Want to be accepted
Too blind to see

They're all the same
Over and over
All the same
Cloned and copied
Following orders
All the same

The new generation
Is sad disgrace
Searching for identity
The search for a place
Dress codes and mindsets
Hopeless dreams
Lives full of lies
No destinies

It's all the same
Brainwashed beliefs
False fantasies
All the same
Keep up appearances
Hide from realities
All the same

It's all the same

Home please